The Trump/Bannon Show Distracts from the Tightening Hillary Noose, by Tom Luongo

Make no mistake, that noose is tightening. It’s probably better than even odds now that Hillary and Bill will be prosecuted. From Tom Luongo at

This is a difficult week of news to parse if you aren’t a full-blown conspiratard like me.  Back in August Halsey English and I made waves with our theory that President Trump and Steve Bannon were working with Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange to roll up their Democrat opposition protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

This week we see all of the dots finally connected and conveniently Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury” is leaked which casts shade on Trump and Bannon’s relationship.   It has now boiled over into a very public feud.

To Distract, Perchance to Dream…

Part of me doesn’t believe a word of this and feels it’s all a distraction, if not a ploy by Trump, to attack Bannon just as he’s setting the trap for everyone involved in the phony Russia-gate story.  It’s no secret that Bannon had little use for both Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner setting policy in the White House.

And his statements to Wolff, if true, I’m sure angered Trump greatly.  Using Trump’s fierce loyalty to his family against him would be a surefire way to create a breach between him and Bannon that wasn’t there previously.

Because let’s not forget that Bannon is a loose cannon.  He has very strong opinions on how to fight this ‘WAR’ against the political left.  I’m still convinced that he was behind the outing of Harvey Weinstein which began the entire backlash against Hollywood, helping to enable Trump’s Department of Justice in uncovering pedophilia and human trafficking.

And this culminated with Trump’s expansive Executive Orders from a few weeks ago declaring a State of Emergency with respect to ‘human rights violations’ and ‘corruption.’  Those executive orders are targeted directly at all of Trump’s political enemies.

And he has Bannon to thank for laying the political groundwork to allow them to be issued without so much as a peep from Trump’s opponents in the media and Deep State.  Because without l’affair Weinstein and the persistent public backlash which has destroyed the Democrats’ ability to attack Trump as a sexual predator, Trump doesn’t get the tax bill through or any of the other ‘wins’ he’s taking credit for.

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