Trump’s Alleged “Shithole” Remark Is A Diversion From A Potential Bombshell, by Jon Hall

Amid the pumped-up furor over “shithole,” a much more important story is in danger of slipping through the cracks. From Jon Hall at

Last week, amid bipartisan negotiations on DACA and immigration reform, the Fake News mainstream media dropped an unverified, anonymous report that detailed President Trump decrying immigrants coming to the U.S. from so-called “shithole countries”. To put it into perspective… even the Associated Press ran the garbage story when the sources referenced by the original WaPo report didn’t even attend the meeting where Trump allegedly made the comment but were instead only “briefed” on it after the fact… 

Shamelessly, the AP ran the bogus story under the headline “Trump uses profanity to disparage Africans”. So much for journalistic integrity.

From the first paragraph of WaPo’s original report over Trump’s alleged “shithole” comment…

The mainstream media exploded into a furor over the anonymously-sourced story. For the entire week, Trump’s alleged use of “shithole” dominated the airwaves and led pundits into incendiary rants. Mainstream media whined and bloviated, contemplating how America could end up with a President so racist and bigoted. However, in just a few days’ time, we now have several people that were actually in the meeting denying that the President used the word “shithole”

What makes all of this manufactured outrage so interesting is that just one day after the “shithole” comment hit the mainstream media, the first indictment on Russian-related corruption and bribery charges was brought against former Maryland-based transportation executive, Mark Lambert. Notably, Lambert was co-President of nuclear transportation company, Tenex, which was involved in the Democrat’s Uranium One deal, which I reported on months ago.

Former President of Maryland-Based Transportation Company Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme

Executive Allegedly Paid Bribes to a Russian Official So His Company Could Win Highly Sensitive Nuclear Fuel Transportation Contracts…

Digging deeper, though, I found a worrying facet to the charges being brought against Lambert…

From the DOJ’s statement concerning the indictment, they confirm that “the case against Lambert is assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Theodore D. Chuang…” This isn’t the first time Free Market Shooter has exposed conflict-of-interest, but taking a closer look at Chaung’s history leads to jaw-dropping revelations…

In a questionnaire for the Senate Judiciary, Chaung confirms he was editor for the Harvard Law Review from 1992 to 1994…

…Which conveniently places Chaung and Obama both at Harvard, even on the same Law Review:

Take note, Chaung was appointed by Obama in 2014. Perhaps the mainstream media will ask him if his personal politics or if he had any personal connections to Obama while attending Harvard, but don’t hold your breath waiting to hear that question.

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