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Democrat Admits Child Migrant Crisis “Was Kept Very Quiet Under Obama”, by Tyler Durden

There has been many stories in the news and blogosphere lately about the horrors of illegal alien children being separated from their illegal alien parents. SLL has posted a few of them. What’s seldom mentioned is that the same thing happened to the same extent during the Obama administration. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Having lost control of the ‘Russia collusion’ narrative (still evidence-less after 18 months and increasingly exposed for bias), and unable to gain any traction with their attacks on the Trump-Kim summit (hard to make a case that more nuclear armaggeddon threats are better than less), the deep state (hand in mouth with the left and the media) are currently attempting to spin Trump’s enforcement of Obama policies as an indication that he is a baby-stealing racist.

You’ve seen the sad, dramatic, emotive images…

There’s just one problem – it’s all a lie…

Source: The Burning Platform

And now, as The Daily Caller reports, Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar is admitting that the Obama administration attempted to cover up the child migrant crisis occurring at the Southern border.

“It was kept very quiet under the Obama Administration. There were large numbers of people coming in. The Obama administration was trying to keep this quiet,” Cuellar told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield.

Whitfield displayed a 2014 image of migrant children held in cages at a detention center, and Cuellar said that he released similar photos of children separated from their parents.

Cuellar added that the number of children being held at the border right now is similar to the amount during the Obama administration.

“We still see the numbers,” he said, adding that “not all of them are being separated. Some of them are coming alone.”

However, as The Daily Caller’s Dominic Mancini notes Cuellar attempts to recover some of his Demoacrtic Party ‘anything but Trump’ credentials but noting that Trump’s “zero-tolerance policy” for separation should be scrutinized (but again, he admits that criminal adult immigrants have previously taken advantage of it)…

“Keep in mind that under the law, you can separate a child if that person, the adult, is not the real parent or the custodian because sometimes we see situations where they’ll bring a child because they know of the policy that we have over here with children.”

So back to that image at the top…

And this one…

And this one…

Yes – you guessed it – they all happened under Obama’s administration.



Libya “Before And After” Photos Go Viral, by Tyler Durden

Obama kind of, sort of admitted that Libya was the low point of his presidency, but Hillary Clinton, that interventions biggest cheerleader, has never acknowledged that it was a disaster, nor has she apologized for it. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

A Libyan man who took photos of himself posing at various spots across Beghazi in 2000 has revisited the same locations 18 years later to photograph life under the new “NATO liberated” Libya.

The “before and after” pics showing the utter devastation of post-Gaddafi Libya have gone viral, garnering 50,000 retweets after they were posted to an account that features historical images of Libya under Gaddafi’s rule between 1969 and 2011.

It appears people do still care about Libya even if the political elites in Paris, London, and Washington who destroyed the country have moved on. Though we should recall that British foreign secretary Boris Johnson was caught on tape in a private meeting last year saying Libya was ripe for UK investment, but only after Libyans “clear the dead bodies away.” 

We previously detailed in Libya’s Slave Auctions And African Genocide: What Hillary Knew how Libya went from being a stable, modernizing secular state to a hellhole of roving jihadist militias, warring rival governments, and open-air slave auctions of captured migrants.

Yet what the viral photos confirm is that Libya was once a place of sprawling hotels, wide and clean city streets, functioning infrastructure, and lively neighborhoods. But these very places are now bullet-ridden ruins rotting amidst the political backdrop of the ‘Mad Max’ style chaos unleashed immediately after US-NATO’s bombing the country into regime change.

Hillary still says that she has no regrets even after Obama timidly voiced a half-hearted and too-little-too-late Libya mea culpa of sorts in 2016.

Though Hillary’s beloved Libyan Al Qaeda …”rebels” — legitimized and empowered through broad support from the West — are now among the very militias hosting slave auctions and fueling the European refugee crisis, she’s never so much as hinted that regime change in Libya left the country and much of the region in shambles. Instead, she simply chose to conclude her role in the tragic story of Libya with her crazed and gleeful declaration of “we came, we saw, he died.”

Regime change enthusiasts everywhere please take note of what your blind jingoism has wrought.

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Obama — Just Too Good for Us, by Maureen Dowd

By Barack Obama’s lights, the American electorate never lived up to Barack Obama. From Maureen Dowd at nytimes.com:

Ben Rhodes, a presidential adviser, with President Barack Obama on Air Force One in early 2016.CreditStephen Crowley/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — It was a moment of peak Spock.

Hours after the globe-rattling election of a man whom Barack Obama has total disdain for, a toon who would take a chain saw to the former president’s legacy on policy and decency, Obama sent a message to his adviser Ben Rhodes: “There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth.”

Perhaps Obama should have used a different line with a celestial theme by Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

As president, Obama always found us wanting. We were constantly disappointing him. He would tell us the right thing to do and then sigh and purse his lips when his instructions were not followed.

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected, Rhodes writes in his new book, “The World as It Is,” Obama asked his aides, “What if we were wrong?”

But in his next breath, the president made it clear that what he meant was: What if we were wrong in being so right? What if we were too good for these people?

“Maybe we pushed too far,” the president continued. “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

So really, he’s not acknowledging any flaws but simply wondering if we were even more benighted than he thought. He’s saying that, sadly, we were not enlightened enough for the momentous changes wrought by the smartest people in the world — or even evolved enough for the first African-American president.

“Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” Obama mused to aides.

We just weren’t ready for his amazing awesomeness.

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Spy Name Games, by Andrew C. McCarthy

James Bond aside, and he’s fictional, most spies are of questionable character, and most people who issue them their marching orders are too. From Andrew C. McCarthy at nationalreview.com:

President Barack Obama attends the swearing-in ceremony of FBI Director James Comey at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., October 28, 2013. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

The Obama administration blatantly politicized the government’s intelligence and law-enforcement apparatus.

‘Isn’t it a fact that you’re a scumbag?”

Our contretemps over the nomenclature of government informants has me unable to shake this arresting moment from my memory. In Manhattan, about 30 years ago, I was among the spectators basking in the majesty of Foley Square’s federal courthouse when we were suddenly jarred by this, shall we say, rhetorical question. The sniper was a mob lawyer in a big RICO case; the target was the prosecution’s main witness, the informant.

Until this week, I’d always thought the most noteworthy thing about this obnoxious bit of theater was the reaction of the judge, a very fine, very wry trial lawyer in his own right.

The prosecutors, of course, screamed, “Objection!”

The judge calmly shrugged his shoulders and ruled: “He can answer if he knows.”

Did he know? I don’t remember. I was laughing too hard to hear any response.

The court’s deadpan was not just hilarious. In its way, it was trenchant.

The judge was not insouciant. He was a realist. The witness had done what covert informants do: He pretended to be someone he wasn’t, he wheedled his way into the trust — in some instances, into the affections — of people suspected of wrongdoing. And then he betrayed them. But that’s the job: to pry away secrets — get the bad actors to admit what they did, how they did it, and with whom they did it, until the agents and prosecutors decide there is enough evidence to convict the lot of them.

The judge understood that. For all the melodrama, whether the informant was a hero or a villain hinged on how one felt not about him but about the worthiness of the investigation.

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Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate, by Michael Barone

There are some striking similarities between the two scandals. From Michael Barone at nypost.com:

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F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims,” read the headline on a lengthy New York Times story May 18. “The Justice Department used a suspected informant to probe whether Trump campaign aides were making improper contacts with Russia in 2016,” read a story in the May 21 edition of the Wall Street Journal.

So much for those who dismissed charges of Obama administration infiltration of Donald Trump’s campaign as paranoid fantasy. Defenders of the Obama intelligence and law enforcement apparat have had to fall back on the argument that this infiltration was for Trump’s — and the nation’s — own good.

It’s an argument that evidently didn’t occur to Richard Nixon’s defenders when it became clear that Nixon operatives had burglarized and wiretapped the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in June 1972.

Until 2016, just about everyone agreed that it was a bad thing for government intelligence or law enforcement agencies to spy — er, use informants — on a political campaign, especially one of the opposition party. Liberals were especially suspicious of the FBI and the CIA. Nowadays they say that anyone questioning their good faith is unpatriotic.

The crime at the root of Watergate was an attempt at surveillance of the DNC after George McGovern seemed about to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, just as the government misconduct in Russiagate was an attempt at surveillance of the Republican Party’s national campaign after Trump clinched its nomination.

In both cases, the incumbent administration regarded the opposition’s unorthodox nominee as undermining the nation’s long-standing foreign policy and therefore dangerous to the country. McGovern renounced the Democrats’ traditional Cold War policy. Trump expressed skepticism about George W. Bush and Obama administration policies on NATO, Mexico, Iran and (forgetting Barack Obama’s ridicule of Mitt Romney on the subject) Russia.

The incumbents’ qualms had some rational basis. But their attempts at surveillance were misbegotten. Back in 1972, my brief experience in campaigns left me skeptical that you could learn anything useful by wiretapping the opposition. If you were reasonably smart, you should be able to figure out what a reasonably smart opposition would do and respond accordingly. Subsequent experience has confirmed that view. It’s a different story if you face irrational opposition. It’s hard to figure out what stupid people are going to do.

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It’s Time to Impeach the President, by Wayne Allyn Root

Notice the title didn’t say which president it was time to impeach. From Wayne Allyn Root at theburningplatform.com:

Liberals will be shocked to hear this. Yes, I finally agree. You’ve won over Wayne Root with evidence and common sense. It’s time to impeach the president.

However, it’s not President Trump I’m talking about. It’s time to impeach former President Barack Obama. And of course, prosecute him too.

Many are starting to come to this conclusion. Tom Fitton, the legal genius behind Judicial Watch (the number one government watchdog in America), has come to the same conclusion. Fitton said this week that amidst a climate of impeachment fervor, the actual evidence points to Obama’s actions warranting impeachment far more than Trump. Fitton reports that ordering surveillance and sending spies into the Trump presidential campaign are all grounds for post-Presidency impeachment and more importantly, prosecution.

None other than greatly respected former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said this week, “I guarantee the answer is yes” as to whether Obama knew the FBI had planted spies into the Trump campaign. He says no FBI Director would dare infiltrate a presidential campaign without the direct approval and authorization of the sitting president.

Welcome to my world. I’ve screamed about Obama’s illegal actions for years. Starting of course with his attempt to use the IRS to destroy my life. But I’m just one of thousands of victims. I have always understand the lengths Obama would go to, to destroy his political opposition.

Obama didn’t just authorize illegal spying, surveillance and FISA warrants based on fraud, paid for by Hillary and the DNC. He ordered it all.

Somehow this must all be getting through. Despite 93% negative news coverage from the mainstream media, President Trump is sitting pretty at 50% approval at Rasmussen (the most accurate pollster of the 2016 election). More shockingly, Reuters generic Congressional poll has shifted from Democrats winning by 16 points back in February, to Republicans up by 6 points this week. YES, I said Republicans are now leading by 6 points.

That’s a 22-point swing in a matter of months. And a 9-point swing in a week. The supposed “blue wave” is finished.

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Hunting witches, finding spies, by Ken Allard

The counter-Russiagate scandal, also known as the FBI/Department of Justice/Clinton campaign scandal, looks like its going to reach all the way to Barack Obama. From Ken Allard at theburningplatform.com:

What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Those Watergate-era questions are increasingly relevant today in the rapidly expanding government-media debacle once intended solely to ensnare Donald Trump.

With revelations already reaching into the Obama White House, I suggested four months ago that the deep state’s disinformation campaign was becoming more aggressive.

As the Spy-gate story made headlines, Charles Hurt of The Washington Times connected the latest dots: “The Obama administration perverted one of the most powerful, clandestine spying operations in the world and used it to spy on political opponents, punish them and, ultimately, silence them through extortion.”

Those charges were dismissed by former Democratic officeholders (and current media commentators) such as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan.

But just like Watergate, glib defenses were swiftly eclipsed by more troubling revelations. Sharyl Attkisson pointed out eight signs of a “counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump’s campaign.” These signs were eerily similar to information operations mounted against her as a CBS News reporter pursuing stories the Obama White House preferred to conceal.

But these “witch hunts” are only parts of a much larger story. During the last four decades, the American intelligence establishment has surpassed the “military-industrial complex” President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned against. Instead of silently guarding American freedom, our intelligence agencies are rapidly morphing into a far more malevolent presence — one apparently capable of executing a silent coup.

I saw those tendencies early in my career as a Cold War intelligence officer in West Germany when my battalion commander confided an ominous secret. Army counterintelligence agents had spied on expatriate Democrats in West Berlin. That jaw-dropping idiocy occurred just when we were already overrun with Eastern Bloc spies and left-wing terrorists busily planting bombs on U.S. military installations. Inevitably, those dark secrets became public in a wave of headlines and angry recriminations. The oversight committees which today operate on both sides of Capitol Hill were meant to improve political accountability of intelligence operations.

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