Kick Turkey Out of NATO, by Justin Raimondo

Turkish leader Erdogan is threat to his own people, any prospect of peace in the Middle East, and US interests. Justin Raimondo says kick Turkey out of NATO. From Raimondo at

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949, over the objections of conservatives like Sen. Robert A. Taft, as a supposed bulwark of “democracy” against the allegedly rising tide of totalitarianism, which the American people were told was about ready to cross the stormy Atlantic and land on our shores. Bolsheviks in Brooklyn! Well, we have them there today, but they’re the homegrown variety: the old-fashioned Soviet types are long gone: another fake “threat” that enriched the panic-mongers and robbed the rest of us.

In voting against the NATO treaty, Republican leader Sen. Taft foresaw with Cassandra-like accuracy the dangers it would conjure: it would involve us inevitably in the intrigues of Europe, usurp the power of Congress to declare war and give that power to the President, and have us as the arbiter of conflicts thousands of miles from our shores that we had no business interfering in.

It’s all come to pass, and even worse – some new problems have arisen that not even the prescient Senator from Ohio could see from his vantage point at the dawn of the cold war. For far from being an umbrella under which the democracies of Europe could shelter, NATO has become the instrument of tyrants and warmongers, war profiteers and their sycophants, whose “democratic” credentials are nothing but a joke.

I won’t bother describing Poland’s slide into authoritarianism, even as NATO conducts military “exercises” on the Polish-Russian border a few miles from the gates of Moscow. Nor will I detail the depredations of the Albanians (yes, they’re a member!)  against the unfortunate ethnic minorities who must live in their midst. Let’s just concentrate on the most egregious violator of democratic norms, and the biggest threat to American interests in the region: Turkey.

Turkey’s formal status as a “democracy” is a joke: Turkish despot Recip Erdogan has just gotten through purging the country of any and all critics – newspaper editors and reporters are rotting in jail, dissident political parties are banned, recalcitrant judges are dismissed and arrested – after phony claims of a “coup” by the military against his increasingly authoritarian rule. There actually was no such coup: the whole thing was staged for the sole purpose of exposing his enemies so he could either jail them or kill them.

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