A well fed man has many problems, a hungry man has one, by Ol’ Remus

Ol’ Remus suggests that violence is coming…against the Deep State. From Ol’ Remus at theburningplatform.com:

The deep state and their financiers are both fearful and hopping mad now that their soft coup has failed so publicly. With the appearance of legitimacy no longer in play, look for a kinetic solution kicked off with direct action by their “arms length” recruits and creations: MS13, Moslem enclaves, Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Panthers, Sinaloa, Antifa, et al. The cammie-clad opposition will react in kind, and rightly so, but the real action begins elsewhere.

As Vox Day pointed out , Detroit became “a” manufacturer of automobiles, not “the” manufacturer of automobiles when the Japanese captured the entry-level market. Poof—the spell was broken. No matter how many punitive regulations it piled up, no matter how many awards it gave itself, the carnage continued—from the bottom up. The principle is obvious and simple, no one respects an outfit that can’t protect its home turf.

This is what to look for when partisan gang and counter gang violence is breaking news. The curtain has truly gone up when associates of the deep state elite fall victim to seemingly random crimes in numbers. DC considers itself “inside the wire” yet what credibility will this have when their office managers and security chiefs are found dead in the elevator or bumped off while waiting at a traffic light or fall out of a tenth-floor window?

The intent is for the deep state and everyone else to see doom approaching like gangrene. Go-fers know their bosses are up to their mirrored sunglasses in criminal enterprises. Again, no one respects an outfit that can’t protect its home turf, including the paid help. Fear spreads fastest among peers. Expect to see a lot of sick time and other absenteeism.

An aside: a good number of mysterious deaths of mid-level operatives in DC during the Clinton and Obama years probably fall into this category. When there’s no other explanation that makes sense, keep the “horse head in the bed” notion in mind. Players know the upper levels of the DC police are a warehouse for comically inept, politicized and otherwise unemployable hacks. Recall the DC Sniper debacle and multiply by several levels of magnitude in a serious insurgency.

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