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In “Is Trump Winning?” SLL hypothesized that Sessions recused himself from Russiagate, and Trump scolded him, to make Sessions a “squeaky clean” figure who couldn’t be tagged as Trump’s puppet. Here’s an analysis along the same lines, from @drawandstrike:


‘an Obama guy’ ‘late’ ‘no prosecutorial power’

The Kabuki Theater with Jeff Sessions continues, only now Trump is directly including the IG in it.

Listen carefully: the SAME DOJ/FBI PEOPLE involved in covering up the Hillary Clinton classified info/email scandal are the SAME DOJ/FBI PEOPLE involved in the FISA Court/Steele Dossier shenanigans and are the SAME DOJ/FBI PEOPLE involved in the Flynn case.
Trump is REINFORCING the DNC Media narrative that Horowitz’s investigation until now has been VERY NARROWLY LIMITED *only* into looking at the Hillary email case.

He has a reason for doing this.

ALL THREE SCANDALS are connected at the roots because the SAME PEOPLE are involved in all of them.

Trump/Sessions/Horowitz are still keeping DNC Media in the dark by playing up to their perception of Trump being at war with Sessions, his own AG.

“That Sessions guy, he never listens to me!” Trump loudly whined on Twitter!

It’s…brilliant. It’s the perfect set up.

In a few days/weeks Trump will pretend to be PLEASANTLY SHOCKED as the IG’s report is finally released & he discovers what Sessions/Horowitz are doing.

The IG has no prosecutorial powers…but when he can make REFERRALS for prosecutions. And he’s going to. It’s all coming after the IG report is released.

Which will happen when it happens. There’s still no date.

You understand, you get to rip the lid off this Pandora’s box exactly ONCE.

You think you understand the full scale five alarm freak out DNC Media is gonna have once they realize the scope of Horowitz’s investigation & who he’s been targeting.

But you really don’t.

If you think the DNC Media & Democrats have declared war on Trump & Sessions, you haven’t seen anything yet. All of last year will be just a throat clearing before the full throated rebel yell of rebellion.
When the door’s opened and DNC Media sees the evidence for just how bad all 3 of these connected scandals are for the Democratic Party & Hillary & Obama:

1) HRC Emails
2) FISA Court/Steel Dossier/Fusion GPS
3) Targeting & framing of Gen. Flynn

all out WAR will ensue.

4 responses to “Unrolled thread from @drawandstrike

  1. The author builds a rational case for the otherwise inexplicable.

    Let me go against my benevolent inclinations and build a more-sinister case that might explain what is going on, a “case” involving the larger context..

    When Justice Roberts issued his baffling ruling on the “constitutionality” of Obama’s AFCA, a close friend and I could not fathom how he had ruled as he did. We then speculated that someone within the intelligence wing of the “Deep State” had obtained photos of Roberts with either a woman or a young boy. Might Roberts have been “encouraged” to rule as he did?

    Since that time, the evidence for conspiracy against all people and things “imagined” to represent the values of freedom (poorly represented by the Pachyderms, I acknowledge) has now been brought to light. The author believes the “lid” will be blown off this widespread chicanery by a Trump-initiated conspiracy, cleverly designed by the sharp mind possessed by Trump. I hope he is right.

    However, what if there exist other “pictures,” pictures similarly in the possession of the intelligence wing of the conspiracy now unfolding – perhaps one of Sessions? Perhaps Sessions is being similarly encouraged to not act in his capacity as head of the DOJ? That would also “explain” Sessions otherwise inexplicable behavior.

    We will gain further insight when Horowitz’s report is aired. I hope his being a long-time Washington player has not prompted him to join in the now-obvious goings-on in the DOJ/FBI – which, I might add, must also involve one or more of the 17 or so Intelligence agencies.

    Good article!



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