White House Soap Operas Distract From Real Global Dangers, by Brandon Smith

Most of what’s flying around out there is nothing but fluff and misdirection. Pay too much attention to it and you’ll be taking your eyes off what really matters. From Brandon Smith at alt-market.com:

In the liberty movement, we often refer to the historical tactic of the Roman “bread and circuses” when describing the deliberate mass distraction of the public of today. In the era when Roman emperors supplanted the senate and dominated political and social life, it was deemed advantageous to create various forms of “entertainment,” often violent, in order to keep the citizenry preoccupied and thus less likely to physically act against the power structure as the empire suffered economic decline. The use of bread and circuses continues into our era, but the method has been refined and the manipulations have become in some ways more subtle.

For example, in ancient Rome the horrors of the Colosseum were meant to keep the public’s attention AWAY from the government. Today, the soap opera of government keeps people’s attention away from the true power brokers within global finance.

The White House itself has been molded into just another reality TV show, and mainstream media coverage has been relentless. With Donald Trump (no stranger to reality TV) at center stage, it is difficult for the citizenry to gauge what is politically legitimate and important. What we are bombarded with is an ever escalating drama between Trump, his staff, and the media, and instead of ignoring the theater many people are desperately seeking to interpret the meaning behind a show that is actually meaningless.

Every two weeks or so another episode develops in which Trump, playing the character of the brash and aggressive “populist,” fires one of his cabinet as if The Apprentice never ended, but was simply transferred to the Oval Office. Some people find this entertaining as it is Trump doing what he is most recently famous for doing. Those on the political left interpret this as reckless abandon and confirmation that their fears over Trump being ill suited to the presidency are justified. Still others in the liberty movement who originally supported Trump’s campaign are perhaps desperately looking for vindication. They wanted so badly to avoid the inevitable evils of a Clinton regime that they are now willing to give Trump a pass on almost anything, and they argue that the endless turnover in the Trump White House is Trump fulfilling his election promise of “draining the swamp.”

It is important to note that Trump is NOT draining the swamp of elitism in Washington D.C. The public is so focused on who Trump gives the boot they are forgetting to pay attention to the institutions that never leave. But what do I mean by this?


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2 responses to “White House Soap Operas Distract From Real Global Dangers, by Brandon Smith

  1. New Fed Chair Powell seems to know the path for the desired outcome.

    ” Plain and simple, central bank fiat money creation, multiplied by commercial banks through fractional-reserve banking, propagates financial and economic chaos. Long periods of money supply expansion and debt overextension punctuated by abrupt, episodic contractions, has the effect of whipsawing both the dollar saver’s and debtor’s efforts to get ahead.”



  2. Interesting article but one has to believe that the ruling elites an economic collapse would leave them untouched. I wonder what the French nobility would have to say about this. Does one suppose the German ruling elite benefited from Hitler’s coming to power? Ask the Krupp’s. As far as the fantasy of a one world government goes I am sure we will see the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Swiss, Vatican, and Mexicans all celebrating their shared values once this single governing body is established.


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