“Pinging” Us, by Eric Peters

Governments don’t just announce one day that you no longer have any of your freedoms. They’re much more subtle, taking it away in a series of barely perceptible steps. From Eric Peters at theburningplatform.com:

It’s said the best way to corral a feral hog is by steps.

The first step is to put out a bucket full of feed and just let the hog eat. He gets used to the bucket appearing, full of food, at a given spot and at a given time. So he shows up at the given spot and time.

The next step is to put up a piece of fence. Just one piece. Behind the bucket of food. The hog is slightly suspicious, at first. He approaches the bucket warily. But he soon accepts the presence of the section of fence and goes on eating, ignoring the fence section behind the bucket.

After some time has passed, put up a second piece of fence, at a 90 degree angle to the first section. The hog will be alarmed by this and may not come to the bucket for awhile – and when he does, he will be cautious and on high alert. But – as before – he sees he can still come and go freely.

And there is food and he is hungry.

He grows used to the piece of fence to his left.

After giving him time to adjust, put up a third piece of fence, on the opposite side – also at a 90 degree angle to the original section behind the feed bucket.

By now, the hog has become accustomed to these appearance and – so long as he can come and go and there is food – he puts up with it, ignores the strange things appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

You know the rest. The last piece of fence corrals your hog – who is now your pig. It’s time for sausages.

Just so driver’s licenses.

To continue reading: “Pinging” Us


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