Warring on Some Drugs, by Eric Peters

There are legal drugs that are far more addictive and destructive than some of the illegal drugs. From Eric Peters at theburningplatform.com:

An irony of the War on Some Drugs is that legal drugs – most notoriously, the pain medication oxycodone – are more of an objective threat to people’s health than illegal ones like marijuana, which can be used to treat the same conditions, but without the life-threatening (and ending) downsides.

Opioids – which are derived from opium – are often prescribed as painkillers. They’re effective, but the downside is they are enormously addictive. And – unlike marijuana – they can literally kill you.

Marijuana is also a very effective pain killer – but without the lethal downsides.

It is impossible to “OD” on pot.

Or even to become addicted.

The worst thing that might happen is a bad case of the munchies – which is why marijuana is frequently used (and prescribed, in states where it’s legal) as an appetite stimulant for people undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer. It’s also very effective as a treatment for glaucoma; it reduces intra-ocular eye pressure – but without the problems of physical addiction or the potential to end up dead from an overdose.

These are among the reasons for the decriminalization of medical marijuana by several states, most notably Colorado and California.

It’s hard to understand why any reasonable person could object.

If the argument is that marijuana can be abused, that argument applies even more to legal opioids, such as Oxycontin (the brand name for the opioid oxycodone). As an article in U.S. News by Adrianne Wilson Poe noted, “Opioid addiction . . .  kills 115 people a day, more than gun violence or traffic accidents.”

As opposed to no people killed – ever – by medical marijuana.

Poe also cites the estimated $500 billion annually that opioid abuse costs the U.S. economy.

Whereas medical marijuana costs the U.S. economy . . .  nothing.

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One response to “Warring on Some Drugs, by Eric Peters

  1. Yeah when you’ve fractured several disks or have a compressed spinal disk, trust me on this, you’ll want MJ, hot an opioid to relieve that pain that is so bad you can’t sleep and you beg God to end the pain, said no one ever.

    Its hard to understand why anyone would argue for the legalization of any drug given the destruction of families, wasted lives, endless violence and wasted potential unless you either profit from the drug trade, are happy to use drugs to destroy a particular society, or are a drugged out moron on his way to the outer limits.

    Yeah mary jane costs nothing, just those vacant stares, youths without ambition, except for their next hit, kids in their twenties with their minds reduced to a level of Mr. Hogg. Yeah and there is no danger in eating Tide Pods either.

    Tell us one good thing that results from drug use skippy. All those mothers and fathers of zombies really would like to have you convert them from their desperate realities of having seen what these drugs do.

    But there is always some loser pushing better living through chemistry. The hospitals and looney bins are full of them.


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