You’re Not Actually Sailing If You’re Still Tied to the Dock, by The Unnameable

And now for something completely different: how to clear and expand your mind through contemplation. From The Unnameable at

I look around these days and amongst my own kind I see three distinct groups: the Clueless, the Enraged and Those Poised for Battle. If you read Sun Tzu you will discover that timing is critical to any success; The Poised are now tight as a drawn bow, perpetually nocked and trembling with waiting for some definitive signal to release. Since something’s got to give lest The Poised collapse or fire prematurely, I recommend you learn to call the shots by making this giving-in conscious, deliberate, and beneficial.

If you live in the west, if you watch tv, if you attended taxpayer-funded school, if you once had faith in your government, organised religion, major media, then it’s guaranteed your mind has been chopped up, stamped on and re-formed like a chicken nugget. It would serve you to embrace that you have spent your entire life having your garbage picked up, having the fire brigade make an appearance when your house catches alight, enjoying the full rights and benefits of a contributor to a thriving republic, but now and for the foreseeable future no one is coming to rescue either you or your mind. Finding deliverance and freedom from the current mindfuckery under which we all labour is entirely up to you.

When your life is no longer working, when following orders or chasing after approval, recognition or promotion is no longer the thrill it once was it’s time to see that you just aren’t that guy anymore. It is then you must start thinking like a sculptor and begin to chip away the parts that are no longer you.

In the west, the practice of contemplation has endured massive amounts of subtle and not-so-subtle ridicule … why? Because it’s bad for business. Ask yourself where you first heard that contemplation was a waste of time? Someone will have said it at some point … who? And for what purpose? And what did they want you to do or buy instead? Practicing contemplation will make the answers to these questions clear.

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One response to “You’re Not Actually Sailing If You’re Still Tied to the Dock, by The Unnameable

  1. Navel gazing anyone?


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