You Can’t Criticize John McCain! by Jack Kerwick

You can’t criticize John McCain on certain forums, but SLL publishes its share of critical articles about the half-baked warmonger jackass. From Jack Kerwick at

Did you know that John McCain, Arizona senator and former presidential candidate, is a war hero?

It’s understandable if you didn’t know this, for no one, least of all Senator McCain himself, ever mentions this fact.

In this respect, McCain is not unlike your average combat veteran, particularly those combat veterans from the World War II era, like my late paternal grandfather who died when I was but nine years of age.  Years later, after I reached adulthood, I would ask my father if his dad ever recounted many of his experiences from the war.  My dad would reply in the negative, explaining that most of the men from that generation spoke little about their time in combat.

In other words, they were like McCain, who not only disavows all attempts by others to brand him a war hero, but who aggressively insists that no one ever refer to him as such.

And did you further know that if one of the most visible and among the most influential public figures in the world is dying, that irrespectively of what he’s said or done, it remains immoral to respond to this figure critically?

Senator McCain, you see, has terminal brain cancer. Thus, it is immoral for any remotely decent human being to utter a single critical syllable about him—even if it is in response to remarks that McCain continues to make.

As the reader has doubtless discovered by now, the foregoing paragraphs are to be understood as full-throated sarcasm.  McCain and his admirers have spent decades playing the “war hero” card at every turn.  They continue doing so.  A friend of mine recently remarked that he can’t think of a single other person who has exploited his combat service for personal gain to the extent that McCain has done so.  Neither can I think of anyone who so much as places a distant second.

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One response to “You Can’t Criticize John McCain! by Jack Kerwick

  1. Exactly why is McCain a war hero? Is that why other Hanoi POWs refer to him as the songbird? Unlike J. Denton who underwent prolonged torture that was witnessed by most of the Hanoi POWs, no one every saw or was aware of McCain’s torture. They were aware of the special treatment he received that was denied to other Americans.

    Finally his record after the war in regard to POWs ranks with John Kerry. I might add that two Americans honored by the North Vietnamese are Kerry and McCain.


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