Trump Gloats Over Kim’s Response: “Very Good” To Receive “Warm And Productive Statement From North Korea”, by Tyler Burden

As many suspected, there may be a summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un after all. From Tyler Durden at

Crushing the “liberal media’s” early excitement at the failure of Trump’s North Korea Summit (and Nobel Peace Prize) hopes, the president took a moment to gloat Friday morning at getting Kim back to the table, after receiving what he described as a “warm and productive” statement from North Korea less than a day after he canceled a planned summit that was supposed to signal the start of North Korea’s denuclearization.

Trump quickly pivoted to North Korea after discussing the Democrats’ strategy of “so obviously rooting against us” during the US’s ongoing talks with North Korea. Then he compared the Dems’ defense of North Korea to the party’s defense of of the FBI’s decision to plant a mole within the Trump campaign.

Before moving on to international relations, Trump tweeted a quick congratulations to the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, one of the first to publish the “monster story” about the FBI’s operation involving embedding a mole within the Trump campaign – a story that the mainstream media hates (perhaps because their bias stopped them from exposing it first).

So, will the Democrats rationalization of the mole sway the American people to take their side? Or is the public waking up to the fact that maybe Trump was right and that the FBI was indeed spying on him… sorry, using a “Confidential Human Source”,  as James Comey defined it, most certainly not a “spy.”

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