Storm Clouds Have Breasted the Horizon, by Ol’ Remus

There may be urban unrest on the horizon. Prepare accordingly. From Ol’ Remus at

In mid-June of last year, left-wing activist James Hodgkinson shot and wounded four Congressmen at baseball practice, including House majority whip Scalise who was in imminent risk of death. Aside from the cable news networks who said they “brought it on themselves,” there was condemnation on all sides.

In the year that’s passed, the sentiment and inclination of Hodgkinson has been reconsidered and tacitly embraced by the Left. They’ve adopted the Antifa idea that opposing Progressives equals White Supremacist Nazi Racism and, to quote them, “it’s okay to punch a Nazi”.

Having seen the ongoing assaults on prominent Republicans in public places and at their homes, directly and specifically encouraged by the Democratic Party leadership, who believes they would condemn Hodgkinson-like assassinations today? Once loosed, such violence would expand beyond the ability of law enforcement to contain it.

Francis Porretto put it succinctly: “The storm clouds have breasted the horizon and they’re moving our way fast”. We’ve been here before, the reign of terror in the 1970s with thousands of bombings, targeted criminal assaults, serial urban arson on a large scale and many unpunished murders.

How serious is the threat? About twenty per cent of the population identifies as Progressive. Not more than twenty per cent of those are committed radicals. Quick arithmetic says about a million strong. Of these, only some will actually participate in violent acts. If history rhymes, they’ll go down to the plantation, spin up the idle hands and set them on the townsfolk.

Trust fund activists are the darlings of the media so, as in the ’70s, they’ll be portrayed as leading a huge populist movement. As always, behind the smoke and mirrors will be more smoke and mirrors. It’s a mistake to underestimate them however.

Arm yourself, they will. This advice comes from a reliable source:

Luke 22:36 – But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it and likewise his pack; and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.

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