Russian Hysteria, by Southern Sage

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Allow me to make a few comments before I continue into the body of this article.  I noticed a couple of readers responded to my article on John Brennan by scoffing at the theory (and it is, of course, just a theory, but a plausible one) I put forth to explain his increasingly deranged public behavior, behavior utterly unknown in any previous CIA Director.  One uninformed reader brought up the old Joseph McCarthy bugbear, smirking at the idea of Communists or Red sympathizers in our government.

As Admin has commented, this is not a kumbaya session and TBP’ers will say whatever they want, which is fine with me.  When they make idiotic comments based in ignorance, however, I will answer them.

Without going into too much detail, let me give you a bit of background.  I served for almost 30 years in the CIA, virtually all of it overseas.  I was usually in senior management posts.   Don’t bother hurling insults at me for that; I am proud to have served in the Agency and never did a single thing I could not explain and justify to the American people.   As for criticism of the Agency, I bow to nobody in my disgust and anger at certain aspects of our operations and leadership, but I still did my job as best I could.  I am also a former military officer.  I have a master’s degree in Political Science from a respected university.  Since my retirement I have worked in private industry with great success.  I know what it means to make a payroll and, let me add, deal with far tougher stuff.  I lived for two years in a Communist shithole, so I understand that criminal cult.  I travel frequently all over the world.

I have no real hobbies except reading.  Other than reading, I work.  Needless to say, in view of my background and career, my reading is mainly history, international affairs, politics, with an emphasis on military history and the history of the Communist movement in all of its manifestations.  I have so many damn books that my wife has threatened to throw me out of the house.   A word to anybody who cares to tangle with me on the facts when I present them in these areas:  Don’t.  I do not suffer fools gladly and I will expose you for the know nothing you are.  I am a professional in these areas, you are probably not.

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  1. Robert I don’t know about you but this article is about as good as it gets. Clarity abounds.

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