Joker, Hitler, Burglar, Spy — The Four Stages of Trump, by Tom Luongo

Trump makes a lot of people feel bad, and for a lot of those people, their bad feelings are reason enough to get rid of him. From Tom Luongo at

Donald Trump is the most divisive American political figure of my lifetime.

Even Ronald Reagan wasn’t treated like this.  Back then the real powers in the U.S. used their full control over the narrative to keep Reagan on a short leash.

Reagan, like Trump, was a Master of Media.  They both are what Scott Adams calls Master Persuaders.

Their power to communicate transcends words.  It breaks through control systems.

They are divisive because they can’t be controlled.

The so-called “Resistance” can’t see the man, only his words.  His words create negative feelings. They believe their feelings are your responsibility.

This is why Whoopi Goldberg said she can’t “figure out how to fix this,” just before losing her mind last week.

Whoopi doesn’t accept that her feelings are her responsibility and they have consequences.

The problem isn’t her, it’s always those ‘Deplorables’ and “Alt-Right Nazis” who duped good people into voting for an evil man.

She has to accept that Trump is a sleeper agent, straight out of some John LeCarre spy novel, or otherwise admit she’s wrong.  She has to believe the Deep State isn’t real.

How did otherwise rational people fall for such a patent lie?

Let’s go through the Four Stages of Trump to find out.

Stage 1 – Joker

When Donald Trump entered the GOP circus ring everyone snickered.  When Ann Coulter told Bill Maher’s audience he would win, they laughed out loud.

To them Trump was a joke.

This was the start of New America. Their values won.

Smug liberalism would triumph completely with Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the first woman president.

Trump was like stink bomb exploding in their yurt while they chanted about “The Legacy of Obama.”

The seeds of Trump’s illegitimacy were sown in July 2015.  Every official opinion-maker misread the country.

They thought Ron Paul’s populist rebellion of 2012 was over.

They were wrong.

To continue reading: Joker, Hitler, Burglar, Spy — The Four Stages of Trump

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