Trump, the Great Disruptor, by Justin Raimondo

Trump may not intend on going to war with Iran, but it may happen anyway. From Justin Raimondo at

He’s shaking things up – but will we survive the global earthquake?

What in the name of all that’s holy is Donald Trump up to this time? Good God in Heaven, what’s the story with this deranged tweet – in all caps yet! – threatening Iran with “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.” “Be cautious!” he added – advice he might take himself.

Caution is something our President knows nothing about: he dives right in, and makes plenty of waves. There’s no doubt that this is dangerous: on the other hand, it can be liberating, as in the case of the President’s sudden turnabout on North Korea. Indeed, if we review the history of how the Singapore summit came about, the sequence of events matches what’s going on with Iran: first comes the bombast, then comes the approach, and we wind up negotiating a peaceful settlement.

Or do we?

Trump’s hostility to Iran is well known: he campaigned against the Iran deal, and his administration is openly calling for regime change: Pompeo recently met with some in the Iranian-American community, propagandizing for some sort of effort to overthrow the mullahs in Tehran. This had been a longstanding US covert operation, and I have no doubt it’s been going on all along: Bush II and Obama authorized covert US assistance to various outfits in an effort to harass the Iranians, from the al-Qaeda-like Jundullah to various separatists (Kurds and Baluchis), and now the Trump administration is going to revive a program that has done nothing but kill dozens of innocent people over the years, most of them Iranian civilians.

Less well known is the fact that the President has repeatedly tried to open negotiations with the Iranians: all such overtures have been rudely rebuffed. Trump asked for a meeting with Iranian President Rouhani at last year’s UN General Assembly meeting: in return, the Iranians made a point of publicizing the fact that they have rejected any meeting with Trump a total of eight times. While this doesn’t excuse Trump’s crazed rhetoric, it does explain the all caps.

Some opponents of US intervention tend to whitewash the stupidities and excesses of those targeted by Uncle Sam. We saw this during the Kosovo war, with some leftists organizing a “Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic,” which spent its energy defending the internal repression engaged in by the Serbian regime, and hailing old Slobo as the best thing since Josef Stalin.

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