Cracks In The Wall, by Hardscrabble Farmer

What does the wall separate? Civilization and barbarism? Rationality and irrationality? However you conceive of the wall, it’s crumbling. From Hardscrabble Farmer at

There are cracks in the walls, everywhere.

Those interested in improving the soil look for signs of depletion and correct the deficiency. Those with no interest continue to mistreat the land and the decline and failure manifest themselves. It becomes obvious to anyone, even those with little or no understanding of stewardship. This is a healthy field, this one is barren.

Human beings are easily led to believe things which are illusory- the double yellow line down the middle of the road is akin to a force field protecting you and your loved ones as you hurtle down the highway at 70mph, strangers with black hearts heading toward you at the same speed, inches away-but which are built on nothing more than a mutual agreement based on a common understanding. It is not a protection, it is fiction.

When we all agree to accept these fantasies as if they were realities you can travel hundreds of millions of passenger miles without incident, intentional head-on crashes as rare as asteroid strikes. But when the illusion slips, when the agreements are not kept and it becomes apparent that one half of the population no longer can be trusted to keep their end of the bargain, what do you imagine would be the end result? Who would dare to get behind the wheel ever again?

This is where we are headed. I don’t know who Lil Wayne is, but he made a very cogent observation to the inquiring attorney in his deposition.”He can’t save you. Not in the real world.”

I was at an outdoor wedding this Summer and it was an overcast day with rainfall expected. It was forecast and it was something you couldn’t miss if you have any experience with weather; leaden skies, low, gray clouds, constant rumble of thunder, heavy air. The planners and the bride insisted it would pass, that the blue skies would open up and the Sun would shine, but you knew it wasn’t going to happen. The plan was for a perfect day and nothing, not reality, not common sense, not the obvious was going to dissuade them from proceeding as if their intentions were paramount.

The outcome was exactly as you would imagine and the disappointment was magnified by the level of denial that preceded it. In the meantime I pulled off a dozen men to set up a space in the barn and arranged the chairs for what I knew was the only alternative. Calm, level-headed, purposeful action as the emotional whirlwind of outrage and denial continued unabated in the bride’s party.

This is where we are.


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