An Ancient Greek Sage (Sophocles) Has A Message For Pelosi, Schumer, And Ilk, by Stucky

A culture that abandons virtue can expect nothing but bad things. From Stucky at

As early as next week we’ll be hearing long speeches from those paragons of virtue, Schumer, Pelosi, & Ilk,  who lead such morally exemplary lives that they have now acquired God-like powers, such as, being able to ascribe immorality to a Wall. A few weeks later, Saint MAGA will be giving a State Of The Union speech (a Holy Ritual in which not even one teeny tiny little falsehood will be uttered).

Nothing disgusts me more about life in America than this culture’s wholesale abandonment of Virtue.

Even as the above sentence is being read, how many hundreds of people have already stopped reading or, have already formulated a negative response to what they “know” will be a hypocritical rant from a Chicken-Choking addicted moron? After all, Virtue is soooooo …. Old School! It’s a nice thing to have, and we ought to strive for it (at least on Sunday) but, at the end of the day, politics is inherently dirty and this thing called Virtue is impractical and irrelevant.

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