Straight Line Logic is going to take a victory lap here, both for itself and the alternative media. SLL posted its first skeptical article about Russiagate, “Plot Holes,” on February 26, 2017, a little over a month after President Trump took office. That skepticism never wavered, and before long we were saying the story was a fabrication. SLL posted a number of its own articles and featured many more by other Russiagate skeptics, virtually all of which came from the alternative media. The Mueller report has been submitted and there will be no further indictments. After two years all Mueller has are process crimes and absolutely no evidence of collusion. It’s now obvious that Russiagate was a concoction.

The implications of that concoction are momentous and frightening. Tonight’s posts on SLL highlight and analyze some of them. Now, it’s time to train the full weight of investigation and prosecution on those who perpetrated this fraud. Most of them should die in prison. The mainstream media organs that parroted the lies and ignored the truth should all go out of business. There are many lessons to be learned from this travesty, but here’s one of the most important:

The mainstream media is completely biased, compromised, corrupt, and aligned with the most nefarious elements of the US government. Ignore it, and do all you can to counter its disinformation and influence. Support the Alternative Media!

18 responses to “RUSSIAGATE VICTORY LAP, by Robert Gore

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  3. Damn straight. Most of the talking heads that fed this lie to the public should die in prison as well.


  4. Thanks for taking the time to present this article. Have been greatly helped over the years in sorting out the direction the country is goin in, the president and society as a whole; your perspective has been spot on as time she’d light on the plots and subterfuge. Many thanks, God bless all your endeavors.


  5. Except, and apologies in advance for my cynicism, nothing will happen to the guilty.
    Half the population is too stupid to know what has happened and the other half mostly don’t care.
    Call me when the show trials are over.


  6. Tbere will be no trials, no convictions. The conspirators will roll on, encouraging and executing ongoing operations to destroy tbe rew remaining liberties we have. After all, justice would be too hard on the country, just as we no longer see tbe pix of 9-11unless we seek tbem out, and forget about real news of our forever wars everywhere. Good luck to all.


  7. Johnny Paytoilet

    Had enough of this back 1972-74 with the Watergate Affair. What really surprises me is that 45 years later, there is still some resemblance of a country, but how much longer?


  8. “Now, it’s time to train the full weight of investigation and prosecution on those who perpetrated this fraud. Most of them should die in prison.”

    I disagree. Those who commit treason must expire at the end of a ROPE.

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  9. Then again the President has surrounded himself with Deep State cronies. Perhaps he made a deal to make sure that this investigation wouldn’t turn anything up.

    Not that I would blame him. Must be pretty frightening surrounded by this kind of evil. “We the People” should be rounding up these traitors, murderers and thieves.

    The President is only one man. Sadly America still sleeps.


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  12. robert vangerve

    Good for you, being among the first to recognize the sham.


  13. They knew it was a sham all along. They were praying for an obstruction charge to stick. Schiff-less will drag this out until he is arrested. All Republicans on the Intelligence Committee called for his resignation. Anyone hear THAT on the evening news?


  14. Martin Dillian

    The (truth is the) mainstream media (plus Congress and most Administrative Agencies) is completely biased, compromised, corrupt, and aligned with the most nefarious elements of (both) the US (and foreign) government(s) (and cartels).


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  16. don’t rejoice two quick nazi!

    we are coming back at him with more now…

    we will win


  17. Speak softly and carry a big fire stick.


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