The Tsunami Approaches, by Eric Peters

Coming soon: cars that will be programmed not to go over the speed limit. Won’t they be a joy to drive? From Eric Peters at

Tsunamis are nature’s surprise party. The sky is blue, the waves lap the shore gently as usual. No reason to pack up the beach towelmuch less run to the car and drive at top speed as fast as you can to the nearest highest ground.

But across the ocean, an earthquake. The wave is coming, even if all looks fine here – for now.

Such an earthquake hit the other day, across the ocean – in Europe. And the tsunami is coming. It will hit us about two years from now. And when it hits, you won’t be able to drive fast to the nearest high ground.

Or get away from a psychotic squeegee man.

The European Union has decreed – fatwa’d – that beginning with the 2022 model year, all new cars shall be electronically gelded, forced by software to hew to every speed limit, all the time. The same software – and hardware – that probably two-thirds of all new cars sold here already have – merely awaiting activation.

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5 responses to “The Tsunami Approaches, by Eric Peters

  1. the reblog wont work.


  2. sorry, it does now, seems to be happening a lot, and works after I comment. (Speaking of other sites also… censorship perhaps? Only just started happening). Thank you for the excellent article.


    • I’m finding that my Safari browser is having a lot of trouble with sites that have a lot of material and graphics, expecially Zero Hedge. I have to exit the browser and reinstate it. That may be what’s going on with yours as well, but I’m no technical expert.

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      • Yes that is exactly what is going on Robert. I have to frequently clear the cache (use CC cleaner) & switch browsers several times a day. Constantly get ‘this site can’t be reached’ etc. Censorship I’d say. Never had this a year ago.


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