Come On Democrats, Impeach Trump! by Kurt Schlichter

An effort to impeach Trump led by Houe Democrats would be a gift that keeps on giving to Trump. From Kurt Schlichter at

Come On Democrats, Impeach Trump!

I dare Nancy Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump.

All decent people agree that impeachment is a moral necessity. It was a smokescreen that the prosecutor the libs squeed over and his flock of slobbering Democrat donors and activists could not manage to find Schiff showing Trump was guilty of anything! It was part of the giant conspiracy to hide the manifest, obvious, totally-a-thing TREASON TRAITOR COLLUSION EMOULUMENTS reality! And the Democrats know it’s true because the Voices tell them.

So many Voices, not just on cable news but echoing around inside their heads, whispering TREASON. TRAITOR. COLLUSION. EMOULUMENTS.

Listen to the Voices, Democrats. Impeach Trump.

Impeachment is a moral necessity! It was so obvious from the way the Mueller Report says that Trump was innocent of whatever collusion is, and that he cannot be proven guilty of whatever obstruction is, that he’s totally guilty of both! The truth is in there, behind the redactions, in the emanations, lurking under the penumbras. William Barr can’t hide it any longer!

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One response to “Come On Democrats, Impeach Trump! by Kurt Schlichter

  1. Ken W. Simpson

    Corruption is endemic to American politics so any attempt by the democrats (who are really Deep State republicans) to impeach Trump by taking the high moral ground would be like Trump pretending to be patriotice – hand over heart – smirking sanctimoniously or Hillary Clinton praying.


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