Because We Said So, by Eric Peters

Hearing the same unjustified injunctions from the government that you used to hear from your parents is just as maddening now as it was back then. From Eric Peters at

When a bright child questions a parent who hasn’t got a good answer, the parent often will sometimes say, because I said so!

Government works on the same principle.

It says A and B are the law – that we must not do something – because of this rationale. But when we – its children, as it considers us – notice and ask why C is allowed or even required, despite it being contrary to the same rationale given for A and B, we are told – in essence – because I said so!

Examples abound but the latest is an exemption from federal saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafetyrequirements for cars without drivers just granted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The Nuro R2  – named, obviously, to summon warm associations with the cute little R2 D2 robot from Star Wars – will not have to conform to FMVSS crashworthiness standards that apply to other cars.

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