Coronavirus Perspective From Inside China, by Austrian Peter

Even in broken English the message from China is clear: the coronavirus situation is serious and so far not contained, and the Chinese government is lying through its teeth. From Austrian Peter via MG at

From Austrian Peter via MG

I have a direct reader contact in China – he keeps me informed and is well connected. This is what he wrote on 11 Feb 2020 – straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, word for word – forgive broken English – he does very well and is to remain anonymous for obvious reasons – for TBPers only:

“Dear Peter,

I should write the email earlier if only was not exhausted observing and thinking on the coronavirus epidemic over past weeks. I decide to rest and turn to more urgent and meaningful issues in my life afterwards. You have enough information and comments on the worldwide impact epidemic, from many main stream and other media,social media and blogs, from various aspects. I’ll try to provide something hardly found on internet in English.

I’m healthy and still living in rural northern china, far from Hubei Province, where the nightmare come true, most of elites from Chinese medical system and military department & the regime’s political authority have been put into prevent more deaths.

Bioweapons are being researched for long in great powers and would be applied in tragic wars years later, with chemical weapons and miniature nuclear weapons. But I’ve never expected it so soon and near. News about unknown pneumonia in Wuhan first appeared on Chinese social media and caught my attention on the last days of 2019.

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