Beijing Has Finally Run Out Of Patience With Hong Kong, by Tyler Durden

Freedom and totalitarianism cannot coexist within one system. From Tyler Durden at

Update (1430ET): After China’s National Congress adopted a resolution calling for a new National Security law in Hong Kong, the SCMP spoke with a party insider to offer a more detailed account of how we arrived at this point, where Beijing is finally moving the pieces into place to justify a violent crackdown on dissent in Hong Kong.

Unsurprisingly, Beijing has given up on the idea that Hong Kong can be reformed from within, and that changes to the city-state’s “Basic Law” to impose mainland-style censorship and political repression won’t ever be undertaken voluntarily.

According to a mainland source familiar with Hong Kong affairs, Beijing had come to the conclusion that it was impossible for the city’s Legislative Council to pass a national security law to enact Article 23 of the city’s Basic Law given the political climate. This was why it was turning to the NPC to take on the responsibility.

Article 23 of the city’s mini-constitution requires the Hong Kong government to enact its own national security law prohibiting acts of “treason, secession, sedition, or subversion”.
“Some opposition politicians have shut the window for Hong Kong to enact its own national security law,” the mainland source said, citing the confrontational approach they had adopted towards Beijing.

“If the national security legislation is not done during the annual session of the NPC or shortly afterwards, is there any guarantee that it can be passed by the Legco in the next two years?

“We can no longer allow acts like desecrating national flags or defacing of the national emblem in Hong Kong.”

Notably -as we touched upon earlier – this is all happening at a critical time, as the US has until the end of May to certify HK’s “autonomy” under a recent law that has made certain economic and financial links enjoyed by Hong Kong dependent on this certification.

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