Leading scientist urges faster exit from UK’s lockdown, by Trevor Marshallsea

We’re never going to get a zero risk world, which means that somebody, someday, is going to open a tavern and somebody is going to hop on a bar stool and order a beer, notwithstanding the non-zero risk that someone could get infected. From Trevor Marshallsea at belfasttelegraph.co.uk:

Professor Sunetra Gupta said pubs, nightclubs and restaurants could reopen without serious risk.

The interior of the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub in Hope Street, Liverpool (Peter Byrne/PA)

A prominent Oxford epidemiologist has reportedly called for a more rapid exit from Britain’s lockdown, saying the coronavirus pandemic is “on its way out” of Britain after infecting as much as half the population.

Professor Sunetra Gupta says there would be a “strong possibility” that pubs, nightclubs and restaurants in Britain could reopen without serious risk from Covid-19.

The professor of theoretical epidemiology at the University of Oxford said the UK had most likely erred on the side of over-reaction in its handling of the crisis, suggesting imposing the lockdown itself was one such misstep.

Prof Gupta told unherd.com the Government had brought in the lockdown based on the worst-case scenario modelling of the Imperial College London.

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