The Biden campaign: disease, depression, and racial discord, by Jonathan Cohen

Disease, Depression and Racial Discord doesn’t sound like a winning platform. From Jonathan Cohen at

As the presidential election draws closer, the Biden campaign’s strategy has increasingly focused on blaming Trump for disease, depression, and racial unrest. Presidents, like coaches of sports teams, get too much credit during good times and too much blame when troubles occur. The last six months have brought a motherlode of bad luck on Trump’s campaign; the worst pandemic in a century; a massive lockdown of the economy; public health measures resulting in 40 million people out of work and living in extreme social isolation; weeks of rioting with widespread looting, unopposed attacks on police and the burning down of many businesses. While Trump is responsible for none of it, the Biden campaign strategy has become the party of disease, depression, and racial violence in order to aggravate all three crises.

On the pandemic they have transformed the Chinese Communist Party’s role in the origin and internationalizing of the disease into the claim that Trump is a racist. They have transformed the FDA and CDC’s initial testing screwup into a Trump failure that caused the disease to take hold in the U.S. They attacked one possible treatment, hydroxychloroquine, as a dangerous drug simply because Trump suggested it might be helpful. They claimed that the few hundred people demonstrating against the lockdown were going to kill thousands while ignoring the fifteen million people violating social distancing norms to attack police. And worst of all, they offered little support for the administrations’ guidelines on slowing the spread.

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2 responses to “The Biden campaign: disease, depression, and racial discord, by Jonathan Cohen

  1. Wow, what a great choice – a bozo or a bufoon. But I can’t tell which is which.


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