Hydroxychloroquine, COVID, FDA; and Pharma and all its whores around the world, by Jon Rappoport

The big pharmaceutical companies are anticipating a big payday from a coronavirus vaccine. From Jon Rappoport at nomorefakenews.com:

“We are talking about private contracts outside the scope of government. We’re talking about local barter, and the issuing of local currencies, the building of private money systems. During the Great Depression, many citizens looked around and said, ‘We still have land and food, we still have commodities. Nothing has changed here. We just have to invent a way to conduct commerce among ourselves.’ One estimate states that, during the Depression of the 1930s, there were 1500 private money systems across America.” (My notes for “The Underground”)

I have made my case concerning the fake pandemic. Many times now.

From the beginning—the failure to isolate, purify, or actually discover a novel coronavirus by correct procedures. The meaningless diagnostic tests and the meaningless case numbers. The propaganda. The use of “the virus” as a cover story obscuring high-level corporate and government crimes.

Of course, many people believe in the COVID-19 virus. And of these, some have been seeking treatments outside the bounds of government certification.

This is their right. They are exercising freedom in managing their own health. And so some of them are taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

The FDA, which certifies all medical drugs as safe and effective, before they are released for public use, has not recommended HCQ for COVID treatment. It has banned the drug for that purpose, outside of hospitals and clinical trials.

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2 responses to “Hydroxychloroquine, COVID, FDA; and Pharma and all its whores around the world, by Jon Rappoport

  1. I would like to see Pres. Trump sign an executive order to have hydroxychloroquine made to be an over the counter medicine like aspirin, etc. Then Big Pharma has a clear shot at its COVID prescription(s) monopoly.
    How could anyone not be happy with this arrangement?


    • That would deflate the coronavirus bubble pretty quickly. Why all the totalitarian measures if there’s a cheap, safe remedy? Trump’s enemies might not be happy with that arrangement.


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