Johnny and Suzie Are Illiterate and Can’t Do Maff, by Realestate Pup

Contemporary education is going to change dramatically, because Covid-19 has revealed how bad it is to so many stay-at-hame parents educating their own children. From Realestate Pup at

American education, once a shining beacon, has now devolved into mass indoctrination and a mill of idiots.

Gone is any focus on math, science, history (reality as it is, not as some wish it to be), or grammar studies (we are now told our language is evil, rife with bad words and racist phrases. News flash: every language is. Look it up. Oh, wait, Johnny and Susie are basically illiterate).

Yesterday I had an conversation with a very dear long-time friend who used to be an Advanced Placement Biology teacher. He did not come to teaching via a “degree in education” (which is a silly thing. You basically don’t have to know shit about what you are teaching, only that you now are certified to teach it to others). He has an honest-to-god degree in Biology. And several certificates in toxicology, blood pathology, and chemistry. He has always been passionate about science. Loved every aspect of it. He has a methodical mind, driven by observation and patient lab work.

That was beaten down by years of public school bureaucracy. Where it mattered not that a student came woefully unprepared for class, and lacked even a smidgen of caring about the subject. Rather, it was his fault because his test were “too hard” or he assigned “too much homework”. Again…he taught ADVANCED PLACEMENT BIOLOGY. Which is supposed to be challenging.

Parents would loudly complain that Johnny or Susie had football, or jazz, or band, or cheering and so could not be expected to complete his assignments. Folks, this is a small, rural, central Massachusetts town. It did not serve as a feeder school for top-level college football recruits. No one in their band was going to Julliard on a scholarship for their amazing mastery of the clarinet. Cheering is not a career.

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