Autopsy of America, by Chaz Donovan

Trump led from behind on the coronavirus outbreak. From Chaz Donavan at

For the last several months, the populace of the United States of America has been beaten and bamboozled. Bewildered, if not outright crushed, people are berating each other for failing to wear a face mask in public. Riots have taken over several big cities in the country, and crime is exploding in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and others. The country is walking on eggshells. Every new minute threatens to bring forth renewed hysteria, anger, and dysphoria. The tension and anger of the population at large are palpable. What happened here?

It all started with Operation COVID. This writer thought that the lockdowns were unsustainable and that they would end quickly due to a furious response of the public. Surely, Americans would not put up with such nonsense. This is the purported “Land of the Free” after all. That they have accepted lockdowns shows this writer committed what should have been the obvious mortal sin of overestimating Boobus’ ability to think critically (or think at all). Not only have most Americans put up with it, they have begged for their chains. They have cheered the State in its effort to crush business owners, mandate masks, demand antisocial distancing (including on private property), and more. In some states, the lockdowns have not even ended. It should go without saying that the government has no authority to close business, nor force masks on people.

With Boobus, this does not go without saying.

Per usual, the ruling class has used subterfuge and obfuscation to break the public and further their agenda. The agenda of Bill Gates and his apprentice, Dr. Tony Fauci (henceforth to be referred to in this text as “Dr. God”), is hiding in plain sight. Prompted by the death of George Floyd, much of the country has erupted into protest and riots. Black Lives Matter went from being an unpopular leftist organization to a new religion over an eight-minute video. We have no real rights left, with politicians no longer even pretending to care about the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

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