The Duration of What? by James Howard Kunstler

Democrats and their media are waking up to the fact that uncontrolled and unaddressed riots in Democrat cities aren’t playing too well with a lot of people who vote. From James Howard Kunstler at

It’s nice to see The New York Times acting like a whipped dog after hounding the nation year upon year through thickets of falsehood and deceit to put over their hustle of systemic racism.  “…some worry that local Democratic leaders are failing…” Really? Do you think that videos showing flash mobs of black looters rampaging through a Target Store, busting up cars on a dealer’s lot with baseball bats, and setting fire to a furniture shop might tell a different story? And that everybody still sane in this land knows that Democratic mayors and governors have been standing back, allowing it to happen?

The Democratic Party ought to worry that the voters are onto their game, because it looks like they’ve completely blown it only a week after anointing the most decrepit old pol in their donkey stable to run for president. Speaking of whom, Joe Biden finally crawled out from under a rock yesterday to issue a few timid peeps about the rioting, looting, and arson that went on in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for three nights running — and for three months in other cities around the country — during which he said nothing to halt the trashing of Kenosha’s downtown.

The different story that events themselves are telling voters is that young Americans act like savages when given the green light by politicians who refuse to enforce the laws against public violence, theft, and the destruction of property, and who justify all that with a fabricated narrative about systemic racism. Since Memorial Day, the Democratic Party has used the Black Lives Matter and Antifa orgs as shock troops in a stupid campaign aimed at abolishing the police. Well, now America can see exactly what happens when the police get functionally disabled by mayors and governors who order them to not do their primary job: maintaining basic civic order. The voters have seen it in Kenosha, Chicago, New York, Denver, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon.

What were the Democratic Party higher-ups thinking as all this rolled out? That they could keep posing people of color as victims while they ran amok, beat people up, robbed stores, jacked cars, and set buildings on fire? That the mayhem would continue until the nation’s morale improved? If that was actually their campaign strategy, then they’ve successfully burned down their national campaign before it even got underway. Having allowed all this havoc to be set in motion, can they stop it now? I guess we’ll see. Thursday was the first night that rioters failed to turn out in Portland after their epic 93-night siege of public buildings and once-quiet neighborhoods there. Perhaps someone told them they better knock it off in case voters connected the dots between these orchestrated antics and something Mr. Trump might point out in his nationally broadcast acceptance speech.

Street operations continued, however, in Washington DC while Mr. Trump delivered his remarks at the White House. In it, his speechwriters averred pretty crisply to those forces driving to “punish” the “wicked nation” for its sins. Meanwhile, Democratic Party water-carrier Jake Tapper over at CNN howled about the president violating the Hatch Act by using government property (the White House, where he lives) to stage a campaign event — making the CNN talking heads look ridiculous in the process. When that act ran out of steam, the panel carried on about the assembled audience on the White House lawn not wearing masks as proof of the manifest evil in the GOP ranks. (Then, a BLM mob beset Senator Rand Paul attempting to walk back to his hotel after the speech. DC police had to step in and escort him to safety.)

Earlier on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decreed that there should be no candidates’ debates between Joe Biden and Mr. Trump — though Mr. Biden previously had agreed to it. It looked like Mommy ran out of the basement to save his skin.  That can only confirm how desperate the Party is now, having set their own campaign tent on fire. Expect them to jam Joe Biden back under a rock for the duration. The question is: the duration of what? Of the interval between now and the dreadful moment in early September when they realize they must replace him at the head of the ticket, or else witness the suicide of party?

4 responses to “The Duration of What? by James Howard Kunstler

  1. “…the dreadful moment in early September when they realize they must replace him at the head of the ticket…”
    So does Kamala get promoted or can Hillary, Michelle, or Bernie slide into the #1 slot?

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  2. They mean to have Power … irrespective of the Electoral results.

    If Power results from an Electoral victory, that’s fine.
    If there is an Electoral defeat, then they’ll take Power in the old-fashioned way.

    To that end, the rioting serves both to recruit and to harden the Left’s ‘troops’.

    What we call the ‘Right’ has nothing with which to oppose them. No cohesion and zero fortitude. The die is cast. You lost.


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