A Maverick, Literally, by Eric Peters

Matthew Stowe has been suspended for a year from his high school and he can’t go to the school’s prom or graduation. His crime? He was sick of online learning and he showed up at his high school, where he wanted to actually sit in a classroom and learn. Certainly such defiance must be punished with the utmost severity. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

And the children shall lead us – since the adults, apparently, won’t.

One such is 17-year-old Maverick Stow of Long Island, NY. He decided to lead by example – and go back to school. In person rather than virtual – because he’s sick of being treated as if he might be sick by people who are sick in the head.

Stow showed up for class – and was promptly suspended, for a year. He has been excluded from his senior prom as well as graduation. He also was arrested by Suffolk County police, who have stopped arresting criminals and now arrest kids for showing up to school – and  failing to pretend they are sick.

The school says it has a “zero tolerance” policy for “unauthorized people trying to enter our buildings to disrupt the educational process and/or to potentially cause an unsafe environment for our students and staff.”

So many italics added. Where to begin?

How about with all these possessives? Our buildings? Aren’t public schools public property, Herr (or is it Frau) Gesundheitsfuhrer? They are certainly paid for by the public, which  includes Stow’s parents – who haven’t got a say as far as whether to not pay for buildings their kids are forbidden to enter by those who control them.

Perhaps the Stow family is due a refund?

And our students? Interesting that the Herr/Frau Gesundheitsfuhrers also regard the humans they control as their property, too.

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One response to “A Maverick, Literally, by Eric Peters

  1. Civil society expired with the 20th century. Prior to the millennium customers and citizens could take for granted being treated respectfully by services/bureaucracies. Then suddenly we are all treated as if criminals with the onus to prove innocence in the face of the assumption of guilt – constantly. The trend from being free citizens to slaves.


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