An Irish reader poses urgent questions, from The Burning Platform

Never underestimate the power of a question and here’s a whole bunch of powerful questions from a reader at

These questions for the government of Ireland might be of interest to your readers. Maybe they would be encouraged to adapt these questions for their own governments.

(Explanatory note – NPHET is the “National Public Health Emergency Team,” a panel of “experts” who advise the Irish government.)


Given the expectation that the public must accept what restrictions the State imposes, the bases of these decisions are not the exclusive preserve of experts and advisers or even of elected officials. None of these officials was elected with the prospect of severe restriction of personal liberty in view. Yet this power has been arrogated by these officials on the basis of advice of a dire public health emergency, the predictions of which proved wholly exaggerated. It is insufficient at this stage to claim “emergency.” The emergency has passed. The harm has proved far less than advertised. Deaths are few. Yet “recommendations” are still being promulgated, and severe restrictions are again being proposed.

The time for experts to recommend without full scrutiny is over. There is no immediate emergency. If the public are expected to accept these recommendations then legitimate questions must be answered. The people subject to restrictions need to know on what basis these restrictions are being imposed, and offered the opportunity to discuss, and to accept or reject the recommendations offered, based on full and accurate information. Below is a list of questions pertinent to the present regime. It is not an exhaustive list. These questions are directed to the Government, and through it to all Cabinet ministers, the Minister for Health, the HSE, and NPHET. It is the responsibility of the Government to provide full and honest answers to these questions.

1. What is the definition of a “case?” What is the difference between a “case” and an “infection?” How many infections are there, and why is this data not reported along with cases?

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2 responses to “An Irish reader poses urgent questions, from The Burning Platform

  1. And you could add – why hasn’t the mainstream media, the official source of non-fake news, been asking and searching the answers to these questions.

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