Twitter CEO Dorsey Responds To Biden Block-Gate, by Tyler Durden

The mainstream and social media have had a busy day trying to suppress the burgeoning Bidens-Burisma scandal. From Tyler Durden at

Update (2000ET): It has been a long day of Twitter and Facebook trying to censor a shockig New York Post story showing emails that Joe contradict Biden’s claims that he never discussed business with his son. And while one of Facebook’s top executives announced FB’s pledge to suppress the story earlier, after a long day that ended with several GOP lawmakers getting officially ‘involved’, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has offered a comment.

Rep Jim Jordan issued his own letter to Facebook demanding an explanation for why it decided to censor the Hunter Biden story.

Finally, Twitter offered an “apology” and went on to provide “much needed clarity” about its decision. The company then laid out a step by step explanation of how the story violated its terms of service. Notably, many of the examples it offered are routinely exhibited in news stories of all kinds.

The main offense that it’s leaning on: publishing personal photos without the explicit permission of the subject. News media have long respected the privacy of private individuals, but when it comes to public figures, all bets are off. At least that’s what many reporters are taught in journalism school.

Did President Trump give NBC News permission to publish that recording of him talking to Billy Bush?

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