The Case Against Biden is a Case For Trump, Justin Pavoni

Biden’s deficiencies are many and manifest, and should disqualify him from office. From Justin Pavoni at

1) Biden is suffering from the early stages of dementia. It is very obvious when you watch one of hundreds of clips that are available which show him forgetting who he is running against, what office he is running for, or simple quips from important documents like the Declaration of Independence stating “all men are created equal” which he botched by saying “All men are created by the uh oh you know you know the thing.”

Voting for a man who has mental decline in his late 70s to be the President of the United States for the next four years (when his condition will significantly worsen by all indications), to hold the keys to the nuclear launch codes, is extremely irresponsible. This alone is a complete disqualifier and should, frankly, be the end of the discussion. It is outrageous bordering on elder abuse that people in the DNC and Mr. Biden’s family are putting forward an individual in his condition for any kind of political office for this reason alone.

2) Biden is the lockdown candidate. The media, led by anti-reason outfits like CNN that resemble CIA propaganda machines more than news agencies, have done an outstanding job convincing the average uninformed American voter that there is an extremely deadly virus sweeping the country, that it’s all Trump’s fault, and that it constitutes justification for a war on civil rights not seen in this country since the abolition of institutional segregation (government sponsored racism) in the 1960s.

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