“On A Fast Track To Irrelevance”: Drudge Report Viewership Collapses 45%, Down 9 Months In A Row, by Tyler Durden

The Drudge Report is barely a shadow of its former self. Did somebody get to Matt Drudge? From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

We reported weeks ago that Drudge Report was in the midst of a historic viewership collapse amidst the site’s new, anti-Trump ethos. That trend doesn’t appear to be slowing, according to new data about the site’s viewership in September.

Drudge Report saw a 45% decline in web traffic for September as a result of turning against the President, according to new comScore data.  Drudge had 1,291,000 unique visitors in September, which is down from 2,340,000 during the same month a year prior, according to The New York Post.

It is the ninth month in a row that Drudge has seen its traffic decline and, even worse for Drudge, it comes at a time when political news is in high demand as the nation heads into a major general election.

Matt Lysiak, author of “The Drudge Revolution” told the Post: “It’s catastrophic what has happened to his web traffic. He’s on a fast track to irrelevance.”

He continued: “…what accelerated his decline is when he shifted to the left and turned on Trump and lost many of his core readers. By any criteria, this shift was a complete disaster for him.”

Lysiak said: “Liberals are never going to love Drudge, even if he’s not linking to stories about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. They’ll always remember what happened with Bill Clinton.”

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