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“On A Fast Track To Irrelevance”: Drudge Report Viewership Collapses 45%, Down 9 Months In A Row, by Tyler Durden

The Drudge Report is barely a shadow of its former self. Did somebody get to Matt Drudge? From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

We reported weeks ago that Drudge Report was in the midst of a historic viewership collapse amidst the site’s new, anti-Trump ethos. That trend doesn’t appear to be slowing, according to new data about the site’s viewership in September.

Drudge Report saw a 45% decline in web traffic for September as a result of turning against the President, according to new comScore data.  Drudge had 1,291,000 unique visitors in September, which is down from 2,340,000 during the same month a year prior, according to The New York Post.

It is the ninth month in a row that Drudge has seen its traffic decline and, even worse for Drudge, it comes at a time when political news is in high demand as the nation heads into a major general election.

Matt Lysiak, author of “The Drudge Revolution” told the Post: “It’s catastrophic what has happened to his web traffic. He’s on a fast track to irrelevance.”

He continued: “…what accelerated his decline is when he shifted to the left and turned on Trump and lost many of his core readers. By any criteria, this shift was a complete disaster for him.”

Lysiak said: “Liberals are never going to love Drudge, even if he’s not linking to stories about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. They’ll always remember what happened with Bill Clinton.”

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Drudge Report Continues Historic Readership Collapse, Down 40% Year Over Year In August, by Tyler Durden

This may be an election harbinger, since Drudge has become anti-Trump. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report website continues what has been a historic crash in viewership in August.

The site’s traffic in August fell to 63 million readers, down from 66 million in May, according to True Pundit. Just months ago, in September 2019, the site was regularly garnering 95 million readers.

Comscore data also put Drudge’s viewers at 1.488 million unique visitors in July, down 38% from July of 2019, according to The Wrap.

About a year ago, in August 2019, the site was posting “well over 100 million” readers. The site’s recent numbers mark a steep 40% decline year over year. They also mark Drudge’s lowest numbers in decades.

The slide comes after many conservatives, including President Donald Trump, have asserted that the site had given up its long held conservative ideology. Recall, just hours ago, President Trump tweeted that his people have “all left Drudge,” referring to the media mogul as a “confused MESS”.

“Such an honor! Drudge is down 40% plus since he became Fake News. Most importantly, he’s bleeding profusely, and is no longer “hot”. But others are! Lost ALL Trumpers,” Trump wrote in another Tweet.

“Matt Drudge is now firmly a man of the progressive left,” Tucker Carlson said at one point. And – not unlike the NFL – the change in Drudge’s proverbial game plan is starting to show up in the ratings.

Recall, it was reported by Rasmussen in 2019 that Drudge had sold the site and was “no longer involved in its operations”, though details around his involvement remain fuzzy.

But think TruePundit said it best when they concluded: “Obviously. Drudge — if he is even still running the site himself at this point — remains uninterested in slowing the bleeding. And the site isn’t just bleeding out, it is hemorrhaging.”


Exclusive: As Drudge Report falters amid anti-Trump shift, rivals on right gain ground, by Valerie Richardson

SLL is not the only one to notice the shift at the Drudge Report. From Valerie Richardson at washingtontimes.com:

Data from SimilarWeb shows five conservative upstarts on the rise

The Drudge Report is still the king of conservative aggregator websites, but its rivals are gaining ground.

Five right-tilting upstarts — Whatfinger News, Liberty Daily, Rantingly, NewsAmmo and Gab Trends — increased their average monthly traffic and engagement, as measured by average visit duration and average pages per visit, from September-October 2018 to 2019, according to SimilarWeb, which shared its data with The Washington Times.

Another Drudge competitor, the no-frills Citizen Free Press, is also going gangbusters, drawing 2.5 million views in October after launching two years ago.

At the same time, the marketing-intelligence company found traffic to the Drudge Report during that period declined by 15%. From July to October, Drudge dropped from 96 million total visits to 77 million, prompting recent headlines such as True Pundit’s “Drudge Bleeds Out as Conservatives Flee.”

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Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Could Soon Face An FEC ‘Inquisition’ Over Russian “Collusion”, by Alexander Paul

If you’re looking for foreign influence in the last election, the first place to look isn’t Moscow, but rather into how many immigrants from foreign lands illegally voted. From Alexander Paul at planetfreewill.com:

Conservative news outlets like Infowars, Breitbart and the Drudge Report could soon be facing an inquisition from the FEC for coordinating with the Russians to blitz the realm of social media with deceptive anti-Clinton stories that effectively could have influenced the 2016 presidential election.

This could happen if top Federal Election Commission Democrat, Ellen Weintraub, is able to get her way during this Thursday’s FEC meeting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The plan, set for discussion at Thursday’s FEC meeting, could open the door to political subpoenas targeting the websites, their editorial news decisions, and their owners, maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones, according to an expert analysis.

In her effort targeting foreign influence in federal and state elections, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub would probe spending by overseas sources and even partially-foreign-owned U.S. firms on campaigns, including their media buys. Foreign influence is illegal in elections.

She said that tackling foreign influence in elections could be the FEC’s finest hour, adding, “I believe that this Commission can indeed rise to the challenge of understanding what happened in the 2016 election and plugging any legal or procedural holes that could allow foreign actors to interfere with our future elections.”

Politico recently reported that “Weintraub’s interest was piqued by an article published last week by Time magazine that revealed intelligence officials had evidence that Russian agents bought Facebook ads to disseminate election-themed stories. It also indicated that congressional investigators were examining whether Russian efforts to spread such content were boosted by two U.S. companies with deep ties to Trump — Breitbart News and Cambridge Analytica.”

The Time Magazine article which influenced Weintraub also pointed to Russian ties to conservative ownership and funding as a potential target of investigators. The report reads, citing McClatchy“FBI counterintelligence investigators were probing whether far-right sites like Breitbart News and Infowars had coordinated with Russian botnets to blitz social media with anti-Clinton stories, mixing fact and fiction when Trump was doing poorly in the campaign.”

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Farewell to Matt Drudge, by Justin Raimondo

Antiwar.com is an excellent website. It is devoted, on a nonpartisan basis, to preventing war. SLL has featured many antiwar.com articles. The website has been on the Drudge Report’s list of permanently linked websites for quite some time. Justin Raimondo, the guiding light of Antiwar.com, supported Trump’s candidacy as a potential break in the neoconservatives warmongering grip on Washington. Since the election, Raimondo has been a vocal critic of actions in which Trump seems to have abandoned his non-interventionist promises. Recently, the Drudge Report took Antiwar.com off its list. Raimono accuses Drudge of being co-opted by the Trump administration. He may be right. From Raimondo at antiwar.com:

I’ve always been a big Matt Drudge fan. That’s because I was there at the beginning, when the Drudge Report was just another web site and the Legacy Media was still the main focus of the journalism business. I remember when he was an habitué of Freerepublic.com, one of the earliest gathering places for all sorts of dissidents in the Age of Clinton. I remember how his breaking of the Monica Lewinsky story propelled him into the spotlight, and I distinctly recall the vicious attacks on him by the “mainstream” media, which resented the by-his-bootstraps way he achieved what is essentially a hegemonic position in the journalistic universe. I particularly appreciated his famous 1998 speech at the National Press Club, in which the notoriously reclusive Drudge delivered a manifesto that all us bootstrappers cheered and took to heart:

We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices. Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be. The difference between the Internet, television and radio, magazines, newspapers is the two-way communication. The Net gives as much voice to a 13-year-old computer geek like me as to a CEO or speaker of the House. We all become equal. And you would be amazed what the ordinary guy knows.

“From a little corner in my Hollywood apartment, in the company of nothing more than my 486 computer and my six – six-toed cat, I have consistently been able to break big stories, thanks to this network of ordinary guys.”

Drudge broke the monopoly of the Legacy Media, and he did it in a spectacular way. If the inventors of the Internet are the equivalent of Gutenberg, then Drudge was a modern day Peter Zenger – whom he alludes to in his speech. He took on the naysayers, the kind who resist any innovation because they think it threatens their perks and privileges. Drudge pointed out that the movie moguls and the radio networks tried to get the government to suppress television when it came out, but something else happened instead:

“No, television saved the movies. The Internet is going to save the news business. I – I envision a – a future where there’ll be 300 million reporters, where anyone from anywhere can report for any reason. It’s freedom of – freedom of participation, absolutely realized.”

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