Party Against Fascism Begins Creating Lists Of Undesirables

From the Babylon Bee:

In the latest effort to defeat fascism once and for all, Democrat operatives have begun to compile a list of people who disagree with them politically so they can destroy their lives forever.

“These undesirables must be held accountable,” said AOC, Biden’s new Secretary of Holding Fascists Accountable. “They are complicit in all the fascist fascism that has been living in my head for four years! I won’t rest until Trump’s supporters are rounded up and held accountable with, like, swift and furious accountability.”

According to AOC’s new accountability plan, Trump supporters will be tried in special accountability courts before being herded into special accountability cars and sent to accountability camps. Those who resist being held accountable will be administered special accountability with accountability guns loaded with high-powered accountability bullets.

“This is just about holding people accountable,” said AOC. “Accountability is the only way to defeat fascism and protect human rights.”

Trump supporters are outraged by all the accountability and have vowed to hold AOC accountable.

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