New Election Math: It’s Not 270, It’s 26-24 *UPDATED*, by Jay Valentine

If the election gets thrown into the House of Representatives, the Republicans win. from Jay Valentine at

James Madison’s, Alexander Hamilton’s, and certainly Ben Franklin’s ghosts are laughing as their genius in founding the Electoral College is likely to be vindicated. 

We have a generation born to an age where civics is no longer taught, millions of Americans do not know the difference between a representative and a senator and too many think the Electoral College is a land grant school west of Omaha. 

They are about to get that civics lesson leftists baked out of curricula.

Trump’s legacy is the opening of the political system to millions who never voted before, minorities who for the first time broke Republican, and more women Republican representatives in Congress. 

The Deplorables may not have understood raw political power, Leftist manipulation via vote fraud conveniently covered by the media and Big Tech.  But they appear to get it now.

The Democrats way overplayed their fraud hand.  Scores of bloggers are publishing lists of the Dead Vote.  Statistical algorithms used to identify voter fraud in third world countries, applied to this vote, show massive fraud.

It is only going to get uglier every day as more people come forward with fraud testimony, photos of trucks delivering ballots, and records of software that stops in the middle of the night.

The mainstream media and Big Tech almost unanimously deliver the message that “Biden won, it is time to come together, let’s move on.”  That would have worked before, but it is not going to work now. 

It is not going to work because Donald Trump is not just a President.  As others have said, he is “our champion.”

That changes the equation to one of a “cause” rather than an election.

There is no “coming together” when it’s a cause.  Not after this kind of raw, bare fraud.  No compromise here.

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