Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Covid Vaccines (Because You Can’t Be Bullish Anymore), by Charles Hugh Smith

There are a lot of unanswered questions about messenger-RNA vaccines of the type that Pfizer has developed for the Covid-19 virus. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

In such a highly polarized, politicized environment, is such a scrupulously objective study even possible?

Now that we’ve had the happy-talk about Pfizer’s messenger-RNA (mRNA) vaccine (and noted that Pfizer’s CEO sold the majority of his shares in the company immediately after the happy-talk), let’s dig into messenger-RNA (mRNA) vaccines which are fast approaching regulatory approval.

Some people have concluded vaccines are not safe, regardless of their source or mechanisms. These people will never take any Covid vaccine.

Others will also decline a vaccine because they’ve concluded Covid is overblown.

Fair enough. But many other people conclude Covid is dangerous, partly because so little is known about its long-term effects (Long-Covid, Long-Haulers). Covid’s low mortality rate may be distracting us from its other more insidious consequences.

Authorities desperate to restart the economy and reassure the populace are poised to approve novel vaccines using a new mechanism to generate an immune response: messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines.

I am not a scientist or clinician but I have followed scientific developments closely for the past 40 years and so I have a basic understanding of this new pathway.

I’m posting links below to articles that describe the mRNA vaccines in greater detail. All these sources are respected journals or media outlets.

Vaccines against viruses work by introducing an inactive virus or viral particle into the bloodstream where this new foreign particle activates our immune system to create antibodies against this specific virus. If the live virus infects us at some later date, our immune systems are already primed to identify and destroy the dangerous virus.

Messenger RNA was only discovered in 1961. DNA is the set of instructions, the “blueprint”, and mRNA is a key part of the cellular machinery that copies a strand of the DNA “blueprint” and builds a protein based on the DNA instructions.

Messenger RNA vaccines don’t introduce a viral particle to our immune systems–they deliver cellular instructions (i.e. a “blueprint”) for a viral particle which our cells reproduce once the mRNA enters our cells and delivers the “blueprint” for assembling the viral particle.

Here’s a recent description of this mechanism from The Atlantic magazine:
“Moderna works on RNA vaccines–injecting not proteins but the molecules of nucleic acid that encode the instructions for building the proteins. Your cells use RNA to instruct their builders to make proteins all the time; the RNA is like the blueprints or schematics that tell the workers on the factory floor what to build.”
COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming, but They’re Not What You Think. (March 2020)

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