Front Line at a Nursing Home– an in Person Report, by Javelin

Most of the people who die of Covid-19 are in bad shape to begin with. From Javelin at

I work jointly at a hospital and it’s adjoining Skilled Nursing Facility. The SNF has long term patients occupying 2/3rds of the building and a short term wing which acts as transitional care for hip/knee replacements, falls, cardiac rehab and various NeuroMuscular pathologies ( strokes, Parkinson’s, MS, brain injuries etc.) The building has 132 beds with an average census of 110-120 residents at any given time.

The population of long term residents runs the gamut of post-stroke pts, COPD, CHF, dementia etc to general issues with aging. The average age at this bldg is 80+ with the oldest resident at 101 years of age. The rehab/transitional wing of 30 pts or less are generally younger with many of them ending up their post-rehab as long term residents pending outcomes, family support and functional status/independence.

Our SNF in March issued protocols different than the death-dealer Cuomo. Although we were not allowed to block Covid patients from entering the building, we transformed the wings so that the locked wing for dementia patients with elopement risks was changed into an isolation Covid unit and the dementia patients were moved into the semi-lockdown East wing with “slightly confused” and higher skilled patients reside. From March until the final week of October we had ZERO covid positive patients and just 3 staff ( none caregivers.)

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