Governing by Rage and Ridicule, by Simon Black

Shaming people into doing something eliminates the tedious necessity of rational argument and discussion to persuade that person that it’s in his or her best interest to do that something. From Simon Black at

Back in July, Yale University began a critical study on COVID vaccines.

But there was an interesting twist to Yale’s study: scientists weren’t looking at the actual vaccine candidates; instead they were studying how to most effectively convince people to take a vaccine.

One of the things they tested, in fact, was how guilt, embarrassment, and negative social stigma could pressure people into taking a vaccine, even if they have doubts or concerns about it.

In other words, the study examined if shaming people would be an effective way to compel everyone to take a COVID vaccine.

The results of that study have not yet been reported. But the mainstream media and Twitter mob have already decided that shaming people is the best approach to vaccine compliance.

As I wrote earlier this week, comprehensive trial results from a handful of vaccine candidates have only been published within the last week or so. But Twitter and the media have been essentially pre-shaming people for months.

CNN ran a story in early AUGUST, for example, entitled, “Covid-19 conspiracy theories: 6 tips on how to engage anti-vaxxers”.

This is the perfect illustration of pre-shaming.

There was practically zero data on any vaccine candidate back in August. Yet the luminaries at CNN had already decided that anyone who expressed concern was a conspiracy theorist.

And now that some vaccines have received emergency authorization, tactics have moved from pre-shaming to full blown rage and intimidation.

Fines and jail time are now being openly discussed in the United States, Europe, Australia, etc. And many prominent companies in the private sector have piled on, proposing rules that could forbid unvaccinated customers from airplanes or hotels.

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