Corporate Cultism, by Eric Peters

Thank goodness our civic-minded corporations are falling in line with the official coronavirus propaganda and are further propagating it. From Eric Peters at

GM switched from making cars to making Holy Rags – and now Ford is trying to sell you on wearing them.

And on getting the Holy Jab.

A slew of ads touting the New Religion began airing January 1 – narrated by the actor Bryan Cranston, who played a drug dealer in the well-known series, Breaking Bad. How appropriate.

The first ad begins with a screenshot of a Rag-wearing dad and his masklings, being conditioned to live in fear of a bug that has killed far fewer kids than suicidal depression this year.

“Let’s hold the line,” urges a tired-sounding Cranston – dirgy piano music in the background, a helicopter ferrying a “case” to the hospital. More Face-Diapered children peering sadly at the world outside from behind a plate glass window.

“Sacrifice for it”  . . .  though we know the people enjoining us to wear the Holy Rag often don’t. And haven’t “sacrificed” a thing themselves. Indeed, have profited from our enforced misery. Acquired fortunes by forcing others to “sacrifice.” Acquired power, by using that word to justify it.

It’s sickening.

“Let’s look out for each other” – by shutting up and obeying ridiculous, degrading, tyrannical edicts and hounding anyone who raises his hand to question the Kabuki. Cranston does not mention the families who have been forcibly prevented from looking out for each other via decrees forbidding them from even seeing one another.

Who have lost the ability to feed their kids. Who are going to lose their homes.

Who is “looking out for” the business owners who are being forced out of business?

Who is “looking out”  . . . for sanity?

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