No More Excuses, by Eric Peters

If the Republicans are just going back to being Democrats Lite, why vote for them? From Eric Peters at

The Orange Man was surrounded by enemies. He was stabbed in the back. He had no choice.

Yada yada yada.

More excuses. The same excuses. The ancient excuses that Republicans have eructed since the Reagan era to explain away their serial failure to thwart the left by playing patty cake with it. By playing Charlie Brown to their Lucy – eternally holding the football for them to kick.

It gets tedious.

Would you continue to hire a mechanic who couldn’t fix your car? How many times would you accept him not tightening the oil filter sufficiently or crossing the threads of the drain plug bolt before you found another mechanic?

Republicans get nowhere because they have no core principles to get going from. They agree with the core principle of the left – that the collective has rights – and thus the only disagreement with the left is over how much the individual must submit to the collective and for what reason.

This is why the country marches inexorably toward more collectivism. It will not stop marching until the individual’s right to not be collectivized is respected. The Republicans – which includes “conservatives” – do not respect this right in principle and so in fact.

Most if not almost all of them agree with the collectivists that such things as “the schools” – i.e., the government’s schools – must be funded with funds coercively extracted from people, including people who neither use nor want to use them.

They cheer for more government – when it wears a uniform or has a badge.

They attack anyone who suggests that it’s immoral to take someone’s money to finance someone else’s retirement or health care; note that the formal policy of the Republican Party has not been to end the practice of forcing people to buy health insurance but to install a “better plan,” i.e., repeal and replace.

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