We Are On Our Own, by Southern Sage

If you don’t get the joke by now, you’ll never get it: the rulers despise the exploited ruled, who are on their own to do something about it. January 6 was just another in a long series of cold slaps across our faces. From Southern Sage at theburningplatform.com:

Graffiti on white brick wall in a run down area, stating 'we are on Stock  Photo - Alamy

Well, this is it, isn’t it? The storming of the Capitol is an event which will mark a watershed in our history. Make no mistake. This is the end of “Trumpism” and the Republican Party. Pence, needless to say, is political history. And you had better believe that the Democrats, and especially the Establishment Republicans, know it. Let us leave aside the fact that many of those storming the Capitol acted out of impulse and rage.

The Establishment will now attempt to label the core population of America as “terrorists” and criminals. Good enough. They will get what they have been asking for. The mask has fallen. Ordinary Americans are waking up to the fact that “they been had” and things will only get uglier. The fools in Congress will react with fury and that will only turn up the heat. We are now two countries and only one can win in the end.

In 1905 a crowd of peaceful protesters gathered outside the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to beg “The Little Father” for bread. What they got was a hurricane of 7.62X54R ball ammo right in their faces. After that, the die was cast for Russia. Yes, things “calmed down” after a while but the fragile bond between the people and their government had been broken forever. It was called “Bloody Sunday”. We will have many bloody Sundays before the pot finally boils over.

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