This is an obvious double standard, by Simon Black

Never expect a shred of embarrassment or shame when you “catch” liberals in obvious hypocrisies. From Simon Black at


I imagine that every single one of us has had a huge argument with a loved one at some point in our lives.

Sometimes it’s because of some issue that’s deeply personal to us. But the other person just doesn’t get it. We’re angry, they’re dismissive.

We’ve probably all been there– upset about something that’s important to us, and our wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend just acts as if they don’t care. It’s like they’re not even listening.

And that attitude only escalates the argument.

It makes a lot of people want to scream WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING?!?!!?

And that’s human nature. People become even angrier when someone pompously waives us off and says, “Oh just calm down.”

When you’re in a relationship, you have a reasonable expectation that, if something is important to you, your loved one will make that issue important to them. Or they’ll at least listen and take you seriously.

But when they just dismiss your anger, it can feel like a betrayal. That’s not how a loved one should be treated. And it’s enraging.

We saw this last year after George Floyd was killed.

Countless people were already angry and disgusted. They felt like no one was listening. They felt like their completely valid and justifiable concerns had been dismissed for years… decades.

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