The Chilling, by Eric Peters

People who had no connection to the Capitol incident are getting fired for attending the Trump rally in Washington. You will hold the correct views…or else! From Eric Peters at

Whatever you think about the Orange Man, it’s worth thinking about this business of firing people (and so on) for nothing more than their liking the Orange Man.

This just happened to a car salesman named Dominic Box, who used to work for Vaden Nissan in Savannah, GA.

Box didn’t commit “insurrection” – unless your definition of that is having shown up for a rally in support of the Orange Man last week in DC. It got out of hand, but Box had nothing to do with that aspect of it any more than someone who attended a BLM rally last summer necessarily overturned cars, threw Molotov cocktails or did any other illegal thing just because they happened to be in the vicinity of other people doing illegal (and immoral) things.

Attending a protest – whether right or left – ought not to be punishable absent an individual having been proved to have been doing more than publicly expressing support for or criticism of something, which is in fact both a constitutionally protected as well as a basic human right.

Which is why the firing of Box is troubling. If we can’t speak anymore without fearing the loss of of livelihoods then America is flushed.

No one even alleges Box committed any violent or illegal act. His crime is one of thought – his public support of the Orange Man. People saw him doing so via videos he took of himself at the rally in DC. They complained about his presence – and now Box  has lost his job.

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