Epitaph for a Post-Trump America, by Tom Luongo

The one consolation of Biden’s victory for those of us who despise him and his administration is clarity, we know what we’re up against. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

I’m relieved Donald Trump is no longer President. In fact, I’m downright ecstatic. This is the best I’ve felt in weeks.

Trump was four years of faint hope, failed promises and false narratives.

Oh, don’t get me wrong he was also entertaining as hell, did many things I fundamentally agreed with and accelerated the collapse of the biggest, most corrupt organization ever created in human history.

He made a mockery of the media, stood tall until the final days of his presidency against a self-congratulatory bureaucracy and forced out into the open the depths of the depravity of our ruling class.

I friggin’ love the guy for that.

But I’m also over it. It’s time to move on.

Today I feel no nostalgia for Trump or America 1.0.

I refuse to go into the same hysterical theatrics the Left did four years ago. Biden’s the president. The restoration is complete. He was selected no different than every president other than Trump since Reagan.

I have as much emotion for him as I had for Bush the Lesser, Clinton the Rapist or Obama the Enigma.

He’s just a placeholder for a system I no longer have any affinity for. Trump always represented a big two-fingers up to that system, which too many conservatives helped Trump prop up for four years.

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One response to “Epitaph for a Post-Trump America, by Tom Luongo

  1. Tom. U have little faith. What were you expecting? Trump to rise up as a dictator? Trump follows the rule of the law. It does not mean he has given up! jeey i dont even live in your country yet I can see iow Trump has been totally constant always. your country like many othes have been so corrupt for so long. you think he is a magician and put things right overnight. Give him a break! take some responsibility for gods sake.


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