Why ‘Texit’ Is Naive at Best, by Tim Kirby

Secession by one or more states is not going to be an easy process. From Tim Kirby at strategic-culture.org:

Well wishing and power fantasies cannot topple geopolitical realities and the fact that Washington will simply never let a Texit take place.

There is an interesting tendency in American political history that whenever there is some sort of crisis, one answer to it, especially from the Right, is some form of secession. The waves of Liberal triumphant ecstasy that Obama rode into the White House were scary enough to start discussions of leaving the Union from Ohio to Oregon. During the 1990s it was the scary militias of places like Michigan that were supposedly going to fight for some sort of breakaway from the tyranny of Clinton. None of this came to pass and the only semi-successful attempt to do something like this required the support of the entire political and economic elite of the South, with a very heavy economic dependence on a “peculiar institution” to even try. But for some reason this naive power fantasy of being able to simply break away from the evil grip of Washington, gaining everything, yet somehow losing nothing just will not die. And so, now there is discussion of an imminent “Texit”. This time though the strategy is going to use a long term bureaucratic roadmap and vastly more signatures, stamps and red tape in order to ultimately fail.

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2 responses to “Why ‘Texit’ Is Naive at Best, by Tim Kirby

  1. Oh my. Here I just got this today and Mr Kirby tries to spoil everything.

    TEXIT Virtual Town Hall with State Representative Kyle Biedermann & TNM President Daniel Miller

    You’ve heard the spin from the mainstream media on TEXIT. Now you have an opportunity to the real story.

    State Representative Kyle Biedermann and Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller are scheduled to participate in a virtual town hall meeting on TEXIT this Thursday. The hosts have agreed to open the event to the general public.

    If you want to hear what’s happening with the TEXIT legislation that will give Texans a vote on independence, then register today. If you know others who are interested, be sure to plug them into this event.

    The event is on January 21st from 7pm to 8pm. Registration is required, so be sure to click the button below to get signed up ASAP.



    • I think Kirby overstates the difficulties. I think the biggest issues are going to be military forces and nuclear weaponry. I would imagine Texas or any other state that wants to leave the US would want to take some nukes.


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