Russia’s President Putin Warns That Censorship Is Killing American Democracy, by Paul Craig Roberts

Things must be getting bad if we’re getting lectured on censorship by Vladimir Putin. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Russia’s President Putin last week at the World Economic Forum called out America’s Big Tech Monopolies for preventing free speech and attempting “to harshly and unilaterally govern society, replace legitimate democratic institutions, restrict one’s natural right to decide for themselves what stance to express freely. We’ve all seen this just now in the US, and everybody understands what I’m talking about.” 

Putin is talking about the censorship in “freedom and democracy America” of everyone who departs from the controlled explanations.  President Trump is censored.  Members of Congress are censored. Leading experts are censored.  Ordinary people are censored. No one is permitted to express the view or present evidence that the presidential election was stolen. No one is permitted to challenge or correct any aspect of the Covid narrative.  Any non-establishment view is ruled “against community standards” and suppressed just as in Stalinist Russia, Gestapo Germany, and Orwell’s 1984.

But the situation for Americans is actually much worse than being censored.  Americans who are Trump supporters are being labeled domestic terrorists, and legislation against them is in the works. The legislation pushed by Democrats and the presstitutes has strong support from former CIA director John Brennan and from the Department of Homeland Security.

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5 responses to “Russia’s President Putin Warns That Censorship Is Killing American Democracy, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. Malcolm Reynolds

    Pfft, I just got 30 days in the hole for calling a democrat a blithering idiot.


  2. Malcolm Reynolds

    Some schmuck was running his mouth that people waving trump flags are idiots.

    I don’t remember the full conversation because it was deleted, but I said something to the effect, ‘then installing a dementia riddled pedophile makes democrats blithering idiots.’

    the moron tried to fall back on his service, but I’m a vet too and told him IDGAF about his service.

    He complained to fascistbook about the blithering idiots comment and I’m now day 2 into 30 days.


  3. Malcolm Reynolds

    Not my first 30 days. Some Islamic Nazi was running her mouth about Jihad on Fb awhile back.

    I asked if she knew that she was property in Islam. SHE threatened that her Jihadi crew would “cut out my teeth and count them”. I told her I’ll bet she hates Marines (I’m a Marine vet), we’re really good at killing IslamoNazis.

    She complained about that comment and I got 30 days. I think that one was my first 30. I complained about her threat and Fb found nothing wrong with it.


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