A Story of Extreme Cold and Snow, by Cold Climate

How cold is it? Colder than a politician’s heart, and you know how cold that is. From coldclimatechange.com:

It is cold out there. Wind chill values well below zero and as low as -50 degrees could be experienced at times across the central northern regions of the U.S.A. Hundreds of COLD RECORDS have fallen across North America over the past few days, and hundreds –potentially thousands– more are expected to tumble over the coming 10-or-so days as the Arctic air descends south.

Extreme cold has been gripping our planet for the past few months, driving its average temperature down (UAH) and the Northern Hemisphere snow-mass up (FMI). Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) says 15 new record lows were set in Alberta this past Monday alone due to an “unseasonably cold” arctic ridge of high pressure. These are in addition to the 26 new lows set over the weekend.

Without coal, millions in Germany would now be freezing to death. Germany now finds itself in the dead of winter. Much of the country has seen considerable snowfall, meaning solar panels are often covered by snow and thus rendered useless. Even without snow cover, the weeks-long overcast sky prevents any noteworthy solar power generation.

Moreover, this winter there have been many long windless periods, and so Germany’s approx. 30,000 wind turbines have been largely out of operation. In a world 100% reliant on green energies, this would mean near 100% darkness at home. Is this what the Green New Deal envisions. Spend and borrow incredible trillions just so Americans will freeze? Climate change is getting serious as the lies about warming turn deadly cold.

Coal can be made safer if the mercury is scrubbed out,
and even if CO2 was a problem, which it is not,
it could be turned into bicarbonate with relative ease.

As reported by themoscowtimes.com, western Russia has been hit by bitter cold this week and has joined central and eastern regions that have been battered by brutal Arctic lows of -58.3C (-73F) and beyond for months now.

In a world that is supposed to be experiencing record warmth and in an age where snow is supposed to be a thing of the past, according to man-made global warming experts, Americans must be truly surprised by the smashing amount of snow hitting the nation. Yet Americans are not alone in this. The Arctic has also descended in Northern Asia and much of Europe, suffering unprecedented cold and massive snow amounts.

Just look at Japan, where an incredible amount of snow has fallen this winter. Following the historic snowstorms of the past few weeks, Japan has been hit again: at least 13 people died, and more than 250 were injured, but as snow continued to blanketed regions along the Sea of Japan coast, data now shows that nearly 100 people have died in Japan while clearing this season’s record-breaking snowfall. “Older people had no choice but to clear snow by themselves as they had to wait for one month to receive support from a snow removal company,” the official said.

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